Using TripAdvisor for RV parks is like using a hammer to fix hail dents in a hood. Sure it works but you will not have a perfect result when completed. Over the last several years a new generation of RVers and campers has entered the market. Many of these people have successfully used TripAdvisor for years to help find hotels and destinations. Their assumption is that TripAdvisor will work to find RV parks and campgrounds too. Unfortunately these users find out the hard way that there just is not enough money in RV parks for TripAdvisor to do anything about building a good directory of RV parks and campgrounds.

Here are some reasons why using TripAdvisor for RV Parks and Campgrounds is not the best method:

  1. RV Parks are not hotels
  2. RV Park owners are not marketing minded
  3. TripAdvisor does not make a lot of money off RV parks
  4. Not a lot of people use TripAdvisor for RV park related info

RV Parks are not Hotels

While obvious in its simplicity this fact is the reason why TripAdvisor, Yelp, Google and Bing all struggle with RV park and campground information. When you utilize TripAdvisor for hotel information you need to realize where that data is coming from. TripAdvisor builds its database from a core of underlying NAP (name address place) information generated by a widely supported industry of companies seeking this data. In the RV park and camping world that data simply does not exist. A company can not go out and buy a directory of campgrounds or RV parks and have a useful list of information.

In addition TripAdvisor has a really hard time getting information from RV park owners. TripAdvisor is not alone in this problem as RV park and campground owners are notorious for being non-tech savvy.

RV Park Owners are not Marketing Minded

TripAdvisor for RV parks struggles with their information because park owners tend to be indifferent or even ignorant of the tool. In addition RV park owners are very unwilling to pay company’s like TripAdvisor for support. As a net result TripAdvisor has a disincentive to try and build a solid RV park directory.

TripAdvisor does not make a lot of money off RV parks

TripAdvisor makes money when people go on and plan trips. They earn this money from “advertising” and “referrals” to destinations and motels. RV park owners, as noted already, tend to not want to give up any revenue. As a company TripAdvisor needs to allocate expenses towards more profitable business channels… RV parks are not it.

Finally not a lot of people use TripAdvisor for RV park info

In 2015 TripAdvisor racked up more than 1B┬ávisitors to its property! That number alone should provide the impetus to recognize that they simply do not have great information on RV parks. We can say this so squarely because with those type of numbers if RV parks was a reasonable target the company would already have “the” list of parks.

TripAdvisor for RV Parks is not the solution for campers looking to know and discover their best options for camping. using a dedicated directory like can make all the difference.