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Our commitment to privacy

We love to camp and so do all the campers that use our tools to find great campsites every month. We consider our content to be editorial in nature and focus on visual content to help people see and plan their trips. Photos, videos and virtual tours combine to give campers a holistic view of a location and to document what they should expect. As part of our data collection processes and publishing processes we actively review for and then obscure personally identifiable information. As a secondary check we ask general users to submit the following notification form if they find any personally identifiable information within our tools.

If you have found personally identifiable information in one of our videos, photos or virtual tours use the form below to notify our team. We take these reports very seriously and will act quickly to review, remove or obscure that information.

Privacy in campgrounds

In the United States campgrounds and RV parks are public forums. Under federal law and court precedence there is and are no expectations of privacy within these locations. Any other visitor to that location can legally capture any video or imagery of a person in that place.

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