about-us-familyLike every story ours starts with a history. Back in 2009, Katarina and I (Mark) decided to change our lifestyle a bit to become full time RV travelers. Not your typical retirees we were “twenty-somethings” with virtual careers as internet marketers that could make a living from anywhere within range of a cell phone tower. We experienced all those same first time RVer experiences including 2 blowouts within the first 400 miles, random broken and non-functioning parts on the RV, and the excitement of seeing what is around that next bend.

Since then, we have been to 45 of the lower 48 states, covering over 150,000 miles, and personally stayed at several hundred campgrounds and RV parks. These parks have ranged from the truly magnificent to utterly horrific! It was during the first years of travel when we realized that no matter where we searched for a true representation of a park, there was none to be found. Sure you could get hints by interpreting written reviews, balancing tea leaves, and researching 5 different websites but even then it was still a shot in the dark.

We thought, if only there were honest videos of what a place looked like before we got there, we could plan our trip accordingly. Thus, our labor of love, CampgroundViews.com was born. Since its inception in 2010, we have gathered footage of over 2000 campgrounds and RV parks, some we have filmed ourselves others submitted by travelers like you and park owners. Each day we add more. In addition to the videos we also have thousands of photographs and written reviews all helping to provide deeper insight into what you can expect as you travel into the unknown.

As fellow travelers, campers, and RVers we hope you find this information helpful as you plan and experience your next journey, wherever you may go. As you travel on your next adventure take some pictures and video to share with others (we do all the hard editing work all you need to do is get it to us) and leave written reviews of the parks you have visited. We’d love to share them with our community. If you have questions contact us by clicking here.

Our history and experience has shown that RV and tent travelling is about the closest you can get to true adventure in the modern world. Thank you for finding the website and we look forward to sharing your adventure and helping others start theirs!

Mark and Katarina Koep

Who We Are

Founded by the husband and wife team of Mark and Katarina Koep, CampgroundViews.com is backed by a team of dedicated professionals working to make this the “go-to” place for finding, seeing, and sharing your camping and RV travel adventures.

Mark Koep

about-us-markA pioneering internet marketing expert Mark built one of the largest boutique local search engine optimization businesses in the United States. Working with thousands of small businesses across the country to help them get to the top of Google Local (now Google Places oh wait they changed the name again to Google My Business) he developed a deep understanding of how small businesses can best use the internet to reach potential clients. Mark holds a MBA from the prestigious (and nicely located) Pepperdine Graziadio School of Business and a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from California State University Northridge.

Katarina Koep

about-us-katarinaKatarina Koep understands how people think and not just how they think but the process they go through as they think. Holding a degree in Cognitive Science from the University of California Los Angeles she has applied this knowledge to help guide the development and implementation of Campgroundviews.com rigorous video editing and submission process. By ensuring for a level playing field she has created a product that provides enough information for campers to better understand what a place looks like without swaying the decision in one way or the other.


Top 10 Ways You Can Help

One of the most flattering questions we get is “how can I help?” The answer is that there are so many ways to help and we appreciate any and all support. In order of easiest to hardest here are the top 10 ways you can help:

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  7. Tell the parks you found them here – we aren’t the “internet” or “Google” we are “CampgroundViews.com” and it is important they know it.
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