Starting Right: How to Buy the Perfect RV

A big part of the RV lifestyle is predicated on how you start it out… that initial purchase of a new RV. On our end we started RVing 8 years ago when we purchased a 3 year old fifth wheel and used truck. By sheer luck both decisions were solid and our timing was perfect; after 5 years of travelling we sold that first fifth wheel for a profit! We put that profit in to our second, and current fifth wheel, which we have owned for 3 years. Being involved with the industry is a huge advantage as we knew exactly what to look for and what to avoid. We also had a clear idea of how we wanted to camp, what our weight ratings were, and what we needed in a unit.

  • Do you know the answer to all of these questions?
  • Do you know the differences between a new and used unit?
  • Did you know that unlike new cars the MSRP on a RV is literally made up!?

“Normal” people are well versed in buying a house, apartment or condo they are also experienced in the process of buying a car or truck. With that experience many assume that buying a RV or trailer is simply a matter of combining the two… oh how wrong that is. RVs are a completely different beast to consider buying and owning. When you walk on to a RV dealership lot the sales team there knows YOU and what you like. They know that you are looking for TVs and granite, glitz and glamour. They know that you have no idea about tires, suspension, weights or durability. Sure it has a warranty! But what you don’t realize is that the warranty is only as good as the manufacturer… and many have found out the hard way it is not worth much at all.

Buying the perfect RV takes significant experience, thought and planning. If you spend any time speaking with current RV owners you will discover that too many of them bought the wrong RV to start with; losing thousands as they made the switch to the right unit. So how do you buy the perfect RV? The truth is that you need to start with a plan and rather than reinvent the wheel we have partnered up with to provide access to their educational information. A mix of free and paid training and planning materials these are easily the best bang for the buck. If you are considering dropping $15-$150K or more for a RV or trailer then spending a hundred bucks is good insurance. currently has the following topics available:

To buy the perfect RV takes planning time and consideration has performed a lot of the heavy lifting for you. Check out their materials and start your RVing experience right.

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