Last July we were driving through Yellowstone on our way between West Yellowstone and Gardiner when we spotted something on the horizon. I personally swear it was a wolf but my wife and son completely disagree instead arguing that what we saw was nothing more than a coyote. If only I could have had this handy little ARCHEER Monocular then I would have finally won an argument!

A couple weeks ago we were contacted by the reps over at ARCHEER who offered to send us a 16×52 Monocular free of charge if we would honestly test the product… here is that test.

Arrival and Packaging

The ARCHEER Monocular shipped direct to us via Amazon fulfillment arriving in a bubble envelope. We were on the road so my brother received the package and delivered it to us when we returned. When stating that it was delivered by my brother I need to clarify that he tossed it under-hand across the room where the package landed short bounced three times and came to a stop at our feet… test one now complete! Yes the monocular can take one heck of a beating without distorting the optics.

Practical Application

A monocular provides a easy to transport magnification tool for day hikes, road trips and other outdoor outings. With a small footprint and the included carrying case the unit easily fits in a day pack or slides on to a belt around your waste. I have added the monocular to a pouch on my Camelback and have it with us at all times. Currently we are in the Pismo Beach area and having the monocular on hand has been a boon for spotting whales migrating just off-shore.

Unlike binoculars the single view port eliminates the distortion and double focus required when using binoculars. It is much easier to focus the single lens and then hand the unit over to others to see whatever you are pointing out. This is an amplified benefit when dealing with a toddler!

The unit is designed to be hand held only. There are no attachments or mounting points for placing it on a tri-pod. This falls in line with the level of magnification and small form factor all being designed as a hand-held spotting device versus a high magnification spotting scope.

Cleaning and Storage

One item missing from the package was a cleaning cloth. We fortunately have a ton of extra cloths lying around but it is something to consider adding to your purchase if you do not have one available. The storage bag is closed via a velcro strap on the top. As a result the bag is not dirt or water proof so the lens, whichever is facing up, tends to collect lint, dust and debris. Having a cleaning cloth wrapped around the exposed end keeps it clean and makes cleaning, should it get dirty, safe and easy.


The ARCHEER Monocular is a nice addition to our outdoor gear and is an item you should consider for your camping outings. The monocular performs as it should; amplifying light and magnifying a distant image. This unit is tough, focuses easily and works as intended. ARCHEER Monocular are available via Amazon.

The nice thing about this unit is that in the future when I see that wolf on the horizon everyone else will be able to see it too!


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