RV Adventures in Williamsburg Virginia

Discover the reasons to pack your RV and head down to the Colonial Triangle of Williamsburg, Yorktown, and Jamestowne Virginia. Mark, Kat, CJ, and the CampgroundViews.com team take you on a tour of the historic area and discover fun, fear, and disturbing history in this American getaway.

From our homebase at the Williamsburg KOA the journey starts with a trip to Jamestowne via the Colonial Parkway. At Jamestowne we discover disturbing history from the first English settlement… hint these early arrivers had something in common with the Donner Party!

Leaving Jamestowne we cruise the full length of the Colonial Parkway to Yorktown and the historic battlefield where the American Revolutionaries sealed our country’s fate with a decisive victory over the British.

Then it’s off to a ghost tour of Colonial Williamsburg with Colonial Ghost Tours and unlike the Ghost Hunter shows on TV we actually have spooky stuff happen. Back in the daylight we rediscover the historic side of this renovated living history museum.

Finally, we explore the free Jamestown – Surry Ferry with the car. See the historic Jamestown Settlement from the deck of a fast moving vehicle ferry.

This is Episode 9 of the RV Video Series produced by CampgroundViews.com. Designed to give you great ideas for your next camping adventure we work to find the unique and interesting available to RV and tent campers when they travel to a region. The historic triangle of Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Yorktown becomes travelers from around the world but is an even more impressive visit in your RV.

Learn more about the featured destinations using the following links:
http://www.williamsburgkoa.com/ 757-565-2907
https://colonialghosts.com/ 757-598-1805

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Read the text of the video
Welcome to Williamsburg Virginia
A great place to hang out and see historic sites including Jamestown
and Colonial Williamsburg and Yorktown. We’re here for a couple weeks to
find the interesting and unique to give you a reason
to bring the RV here. Colonial Williamsburg is called
the Historic Triangle specifically because it is shaped like a triangle on a map
The three destinations Yorktown Jamestown and Colonial Williamsburg
are all connected by the Colonial
Parkway. During our journey we started at
Jamestown and that’s Jamestowne with an “E”
because there are actually two parts in Jamestown. There’s the Colonial
Williamsburg part
and the actual National Park site of
Jamestown. The site of Jamestowne is currently
an archaeological dig and what’s incredible about this in visiting
this location here in 2015 is that back
when I was in school
about five years ago or so maybe it’s
longer but we didn’t learn about this
interesting fact and they have it in the
museum here
during their dig about two years ago
they found a skeleton
with signs of… get this
cannibalism! Yep the first English colony
and they are eating people.
Leaving Jamestowne and that disturbing piece of history we went over to Yorktown
Yorktown as the site of where
the American Revolutionaries spanked the British
and essentially turned the tide of the war
The redoubts and fortifications are
still here
along with the Victory Monument it’s a
fitting end in a unique place
to go learn and discover American
history. Back on the Colonial Parkway
we head Colonial Williamsburg although on this trip.
We are going to do something different… we are going to go on a tour.
We are here in Colonial Ghosts tours. The tour
takes you through old Williamsburg shows you
tells you about mysterious ghosts that live and
maybe still in this area. the fun thing about this is that its something a little bit
different takes place in a historic area
Williamsbirg has a ton of history
and reportedly a ton of ghosts. See your guides take you on a journey
tell you the different stories where
people reported seeing ghosts
and puts in your mind that they may still be there
we didn’t see any ghosts at least I
didn’t I don’t think
A boy
is seen running across sunken gardens without a shirt on
effortless as if floating in air
.. Okay
I’m creeped out now. The legends and stories are actually documented so
they are possibly true. You do get a creepy feeling walking around at dusk and on our
trip it was drizzling and raining
Well its been an interesting night here at the Colonial Ghosts tours we’ve had
nothing but electronic problems which we never have before
I kid you not our microphones never go out they are flawless
work amazingly well. You have seen us take them mountain biking, ziplining
all over the place they work great here
we are walking around
the Colonial city or Williamsburg and
the Mic has gone out no less than four
coincidence I don’t know
speaking of which I’m now out here in
the dark
all alone and the tour is gone!
I better go catch up
Colonial Ghosts tours will give you a different impression of
Williamsburg. It’s a lot of fun and a great way to learn
some of the darker history and spooky stories
around the city so if you’re in
Williamsburg give them a call
the tours are inexpensive lots of fun and great for kids and adults
We had a blast out there. Returning back to Colonial Williamsburg
during the daylight hours we enjoyed walking the streets checking out the old
Victorian style homes
A side note on Colonial Williamsburg is it was
reestablish by the Rockefellers and
into this living history museum Colonial Williamsburg is also home to William and Mary
the second oldest University in the US and one that has
a British charter. The school has historic buildings
and this the original building has been
since the 1800s well not the original
building but one of the original
buildings and
oldest building on the campus.
So if you find yourself bored with the
touristy stuff
we found something that’s neat
and kinda cool
take your car on the Jamestown ferry. It crosses the river
here the James River specifically right
next to the Jamestown Settlement
so you do a trip out and a trip back it’s fun for the kids and get out the car
walk around the ferry and you can also see what the landing would look like if you are back
at 1600 in a wooden boat
with about 100 people on it… No I guess it wouldn’t be anything like that but it gives you an idea of
what the shoreline looks like
and it’s a fun thing to do in the area.
There you have it that’s our time
here in Williamsburg if you haven’t been
get in the RV and come down
thank you KOA Williamsburg for allowing us to stay here and terrorize your RV park for a
look forward to see you again right here at CampgroundViews.com
I am Mark Koep… good-bye

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