RV Adventures in Asheville North Carolina

Come along as Mark, Katarina, and CJ explore Asheville from their RV home-base at Asheville’s Bear Creek RV Park. The team from CampgroundViews.com go for an exciting zipline tour with the best in the business at Navitat Asheville. Find out what makes these zipline tours so great, hint they combine fun and eco-savvy tech.

After ziplining have some fun exploring the mountain biking and hiking trails of Bent Creek Recreation area in Pisgah National Forest. Great mountain biking only a few miles from camp. Finally take the family to the highest point east of the Mississippi River and cruise the infamous Blue Ridge Highway to get there.

This is Episode 8 of the RV Video Series produced by CampgroundViews.com. Designed to give you great ideas for your next camping adventure we work to find the unique and interesting available to RV and tent campers when they travel to a region. Asheville North Carolina is an outdoor lovers paradise so we stick to adventure with ziplining, mountain biking, hiking.

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Text transcript:
Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of the RV adventure series. I am Mark Koep with CamgroundViews.com and we’re here in Asheville North Carolina at the Bear Creek RV Park located in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Asheville is an amazing destination for RVing tent camping. Full hookup RV sites at Bear Creek in Asheville is a great home base for exploring the Asheville area so Asheville is a vibrant in and dynamic community for the current goings on both in downtown and in the surrounding area let’s go check out downtown and different things you can see and do within the city. Asheville is a vibrant community with an active downtown area with dining, restaurants and industrial core and the historical landmarks including the basilica and the Biltimore There is also a farmers market open daily and there’s regular activities and events taking place within the city. From Asheville you’re also only a short drive away from Navitat

I am here at Navitat in Asheville where I am going to go on a zip line tour should be a lot of fun hanging from the trees and see what there is to do at sixty miles an hour over the canyon
(Katarina) No no no I am going on the zipline tour (laughing) I won I won I won (Katarina) So I get to go on a zipline tour here today at the beautiful Navitat. Where I am going to get to go on zipline rope bridges going to repel it’s gonna be so much fun so come along with me on my adventure. Let’s go ziplining

You can start to feel the excitement in the air. I actually had the pleasure of zipping here before and could hardly wait to come back Navitat is truly special not only do they
care about your safety they care about the trees safety as well after a quick meet and greet of the tour guides you head up on a 4×4 trail into the trees. A short little walk
and you are ready to ZIP the tour I am experiencing is the Moody Cove Adventures that has 10 thrilling ziplines. Not only are you zipping in the trees you also barely ever touch ground
making this a true tree top based adventure. Your tour guides are not just there to help zip through the trees they are also well versed in the area. It’s really neat because they can point out the different mountain ranges show you all different types of plants and trees they even can point out a couple of black bear markings in the trees which I thought was pretty cool Oh don’t forget sky bridges Repels, little ladders all in the name of having fun and let me tell you it is fun so let go, take an adventure and go zipping through the trees.

I don’t know maybe if you close one eye it kinda looks like you going over a hundred foot Gap nah not really this is nothing like Navitat but it’s still fun. This is the
playground here back at Asheville’s Bear Creek RV Park.CJ and I are getting a chance to swing after Katrina got to do all that fun stuff there at Navitat the great thing about this park is it’s four
miles from an amazing mountain biking hiking area in Bent Creek Recreation Area the short distance down the road you can ride your bike straight from the campground or hop in the car parking is free and go out to hit the trails in the trees. It is only a four mile ride down to the trails which is a great warm-up if you are an active bicyclist Bent Creek is within the Pisgah National
Forest which is next to the Cradle of Forestry which is just a great name for it The Cradle of Forestry that pretty much explains what this forest is all about it is an experimental forest where they work on different tree types trail usage and the impact of those different tree types and trail usage on the area there’s a great system of trails with awesome jumps whoops and berms there is also calm fire roads and backwood hiking trails that allow all trail users to get out enjoy this beautiful environment. Again it’s a short trip to Bent Creek and we went out there with the family

Well that was a lot of fun back from Bent Creek mountain biking and hiking on those great forest service trails now we are enjoying the pool here at Bear Creek next we’re going to the highest point East of the Mississippi The great thing about this destination for anybody visiting Asheville is that it allows you to hit the Blue Ridge Highway. The Blue Ridge Highway runs for four hundred miles
from Virginia down into North Carolina From Asheville you basically climb constantly to Mount Mitchell State Park and it’s free to visit. At the State Park you drive up the road park in a parking area and then walk the thousand yard paved path to the observation tower the views are nothing less than stunning up here you can see for hundreds miles in all directions get a lay of the land and the various mountainsides you’re looking at Mt Mitchell is a landmark and it is a place to see in Asheville. Get a picture from the sign, go down to the nicely stocked snack bar and take a tour
in the museum if dining out with your family is the thing bring a picnic and grab one of these amazing picnic areas at the highest point east of the Mississippi River.

Well there you have it that’s our adventure here in Asheville what a wonderful destination to bring the RV we had a ton of fun at Navitat and thank them for allowing us to film there. We had great fun mountain biking and hiking at Bent Creek and what a drive up to the highest point east of the Mississippi River Asheville is an RVer destination give Bear Creek a call make a reservation for this summer next or even the year after this is a destination you want to visit thank you Bear Creek and until next week I’m Mark Koep with CampgroundViews.com Good Bye

  1. joyce.tatler

    I really enjoyed your video on this, I don’t know if you remember but we met you 3 years ago in bakersfield river run park. You were our neighbours and we were brand new Rv ers Peter and Joyce, we are still in our fifth wheel montanna mountaineer and still traveling with my husband as a travel nurse. Your wife had just had the baby at the time. Anyway great to see you are all looking fabulous xx

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