Episode 4 “Parking $2M RVs” is a quick look at what goes into setting up all those RV shows we all attend annually. It should seem obvious but we often forget that each and every one of those RVs was driven or towed to the showgrounds, cleaned, and then parked delicately next to, in front of, and in between all of the other rigs. Watch as the crews set up the Tampa Super Show and witness the nail biting navigation of a $2M Prevost Coach as they squeeze it between concrete pylons.

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Text from the video:
Hello and welcome to campgroundviews.com we are here in the Florida Keys and just setup the RV site we have the trailer put away, parked the truck and now we get everything out at the rig and pile it up. Got us thinking about what everybody goes through to set up a camp site and the neat thing we got on film is what the pros go through to setup 1200 RVs at an RV show.

Very cool to see the new rigs don’t wanna crash, don’t wanna bang ’em they want to fit them all in this tight little space
parking and moving all these RVs getting ready for us see at his RV shows was very interesting. We also had a chance to watch them park some of those fancy Prevost buses You know the big $2M dollar rigs; we got to watch them navigate one of them through cement posts into a space that was smaller than the RV and make it fit… so without further ado let’s go checkout how they setup the Tampa SuperShow.

1200 RVs are mostly from the manufacture straight off the line down to Tampa Florida on truck and driven by drivers. this means they are dirty so the first stop is at the RV bath basically these guys clean the RVs in less than five seconds.. oh wait we sped that up a little bit you get the point they move these things through and they come out sparkling clean.

While they are cleaning the setup crews are laying down carpet. if only we could setup camp this fast. Each and every RV is parked by truck or driven into place and while we were here not a single one was involved in an accident. Here are 3 Class A’s back from their bath and ready to be parked. Now these multi-hundred thousand dollar rigs.. you don’t want to bang them. It’s a delicate process parking within inches of one another. Now it’s time for our money shot.

We are over at the expo hall they’re bringing one of the two million dollar Prevost Buses and its going to be parked back
in the back area in between cement pillars that are separated by less distance than the bus is long. so we know we’re gonna make YouTube history with this video piece… and we’re sure they are going to crash this bus. But wait they didn’t.

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