Coverage from OneSpark 2015 attended the World’s Largest Crowd-Funding Festival in Jacksonville FL with great success. OneSpark was the first public facing event we attended allowing us to introduce the general public to our industry changing RV park and campground directory and video library. The response was overwhelmingly positive with reactions including:

“Wow that is awesome!”
“This is so needed”
“Great service it is so hard to figure out what a place looks like”
“We just got back from driving 300 miles just to see a place we want to stay at this summer”
“We already use your site and love it!”

In addition to the general public we also received coverage in local papers and TV:

Some One Spark creators worth a peek inside
If Zillow Went Camping With YouTube It Would Be CampGroundViews
Mark Woods: What do visitors think of our metamorphosis project?
Intuition Ale unveils One Spark brews

Thank you to all of you who voted and contributed money. Remember we can continue to receive funds through April 17th. Simply go to our OneSpark page here to learn more.

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