What is the GEO method for my black tank?

The Geo Method is a popular technique used by RVers to maintain and deodorize their black tanks effectively. In this article, we’ll delve into what the Geo Method entails, how it works, and its benefits for maintaining a clean and odor-free black tank in your RV.

  1. Understanding the Geo Method:
    • The Geo Method combines household products—water softener, detergent, and bleach—used to clean and deodorize the black tank.
    • The method gets its name from its originator, George Bliss, who shared the technique with the RVing community to address common issues with black tank odors and buildup.
  2. How Does the Geo Method Work?
    • The water softener component of the Geo Method helps break down waste and prevents it from sticking to the walls of the tank, facilitating easier flushing during dump-outs.
    • Detergent aids in cleaning the tank and removing residue, while bleach disinfects and eliminates odor-causing bacteria.
    • When combined with regular flushing and proper tank maintenance, the Geo Method can effectively keep the black tank clean and odor-free.
  3. Benefits of Using the Geo Method:
    • Odor Control: The Geo Method helps eliminate foul odors associated with the black tank, creating a more pleasant RVing experience.
    • Prevents Buildup: By breaking down waste and preventing solids from clinging to the tank walls, the method reduces the risk of clogs and buildup.
    • Extends Tank Life: Regular maintenance with the Geo Method can prolong the lifespan of the black tank by reducing wear and tear caused by solid waste accumulation.
  4. How to Implement the Geo Method:
    • Start by emptying the black tank.
    • Mix water softener, liquid laundry detergent, and bleach in specific proportions recommended by the Geo Method (typically 1 cup water softener, 1 cup detergent, and 1/2 cup bleach per 5 gallons of water).
    • Pour the mixture into the toilet and flush it into the black tank.
    • Allow the solution to slosh around in the tank while driving or towing the RV to thoroughly agitate and clean the tank.
    • Repeat the process regularly after each dump-out to maintain optimal tank cleanliness and odor control.
  5. Tips for Success:
    • Use powdered water softener rather than liquid to avoid residue buildup.
    • Use low-sudsing, biodegradable liquid laundry detergent to prevent excessive foam in the tank.
    • Exercise caution when handling bleach and follow safety guidelines to avoid skin and eye irritation.
    • Regularly monitor tank levels and schedule dump-outs as needed to prevent overfilling.

The Geo Method offers RVers a simple and effective solution for maintaining clean and odor-free black tanks. By understanding how the method works and following best practices for implementation, RV enthusiasts can enjoy a more comfortable and hygienic camping experience on the road.

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