Breaking Free: 10 Reasons to Consider Larger RVs and Avoid Small Travel Trailers


Small travel trailers are a popular choice for many RV enthusiasts due to their compact size, cost-effectiveness, and ease of towing. However, larger RVs offer a different set of advantages that might be more appealing to certain travelers. In this guide, we’ll explore ten compelling reasons to consider larger RVs and why you might want to avoid small travel trailers for your next adventure.

1. Spacious Living

  • More Room to Roam: Larger RVs provide ample space for a comfortable and spacious living area, making it easier to move around inside.

2. Enhanced Amenities

  • Luxury Features: Bigger RVs often come with more luxurious amenities, including larger kitchens, bigger bathrooms, and more storage space.

3. Homey Feel

  • Residential Comfort: Larger RVs can offer a homier atmosphere, with room for furniture like recliners, sofas, and even electric fireplaces.

4. Entertaining Guests

  • Host Friends and Family: If you enjoy hosting guests, larger RVs provide extra sleeping and seating capacity for your loved ones.

5. Extensive Storage

  • Bring It All: Larger RVs have more storage space, allowing you to carry bikes, outdoor gear, and hobby equipment.

6. Full-Size Kitchen

  • Cooking Convenience: With a full-size kitchen, you can prepare meals with the same ease as you would in your home.

7. Larger Tanks

  • Extended Boondocking: Bigger RVs typically have larger holding tanks, enabling longer boondocking stays.

8. Resilience on the Road

  • Stability:* Larger RVs may handle crosswinds and uneven road conditions with more stability.

9. Easy Towing

  • Effortless Towing: Some larger RVs, like fifth-wheels, can be easier to tow due to their specialized hitching systems.

10. Tailored Travel Experience

  • Customization:* Larger RVs offer more opportunities for customization, enabling you to create a personalized living space.


While small travel trailers have their merits, larger RVs provide a different kind of RVing experience. With increased space, luxury amenities, and room to entertain, they offer an array of benefits for those looking for a more extensive and comfortable journey. The decision between small and large RVs ultimately depends on your travel style, preferences, and the kind of experiences you seek on the road. Exploring the advantages of larger RVs is a worthwhile consideration for travelers who want to maximize their comfort and convenience during their adventures.

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