Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado offers a number of different camping options to families looking to camp in a tent or in a RV. There are two primary access points into the park. From the East the entrance is through Estes Park CO and from the West the entrance is through Granby CO and Grand Lake CO. The following video is a recording from a webinar presented by the founder of and provides you with the information you need to plan your camping trip to Rocky Mountain National Park.

The following is the transcribed text from the video: today I am going to tell you a little bit about Rocky Mountain

National Park to give you some ideas on how to plan your trip to that destination first

thing you want do is start at a search for Rocky Mountain

National Park and pull up the results

Rocky Mountain is located in Colorado
West of Fort Collins and northwest of

Denver it’s a greatest destination to go camping both in a tent or in RV with majestic mountain

peaks that stretch up in to the sky beautiful valleys and wildlife all around the

primary things to know when going to Rocky Mountain National Park is from the east

accessing the park from Denver, Fort
Collins area that’s the most accessible

side of the park there’s a lot more
accommodations shopping food and fuel in

that area

Estes Park is the entrance way to the
National Park from this way and there are

several routes into Estes Park depending
on location and route you’re coming from

Estes Park itself has a number of private
parks and campgrounds inside and around the

location. A lot of people end up spending
their vacations here in Estes Park

because there’s so much to see and do
it’s a nice downtown and there are some

great as we’ve mentioned RV parks and
campgrounds There is also a number front

country campgrounds that are National
Park campgrounds located just outside of

Estes Park including Glacier Basin which is a very pretty campground for visiting with

your RV. Moraine Park Campground again another RV accessible one and Aspen Glen

also RV accessible Rocky Mountain
National Park is a very popular

destination and these campgrounds often fill up from Spring all the way through to

fall so make reservations in advance
before going there you’re less likely to

be able to walk in and find a campsite in the National Park.Private RV

Park will general have sites so that’s
always a fall back and if all else fails

you could drop south into the forest and
find and find some forest camping too.

This is what Glacier Basin looks like in this photo kinda shows you the view of it actually doesn’t kind

of this is the view from the campground
and you can see the campsites have

majestic views. The forest the National
Park actually clear cut trees through here in

an effort to avoid damage from the bark
beetle. It took away the shade

created some majestic views form the sites. We do have a video on this campground so you can

see what it looks like. There are these
sites out of the trees are very nice to stay in

the sites in the trees are a little bit
tighter for big rigs. Moraine Park is a

prettier campground notably for tents
and smaller RVs. As you see from this photo

that this is a good sized site and a nice
twenty foot trailer pulls right in there is plenty

of room to move around that’s Moraine Park again another one of the popular campgrounds it’s larger

a large loop roads there’s more
opportunity find sites and space. Aspen

Glen again another RV Park another
campground in the National Park and offers

good access for RVs and tents. So in
planning your trip to Rocky Mountain

National Park as mentioned most people
enter from the Denver direction and the

main highway to the park is US 34. It’s
a long climb up the road all the way up

to the upper peak here at Trail Ridge
there is a dirt road that’s open


up there it is old Fall River Road you
can actually drive. It’s one way I

believe it’s downhill don’t quote me on
that that’s a neat little drive to get

a chance to do it. On the back side of the
west side of Rocky Mountain National


there is Timber Creek Campground Timber Creek is a great fallback if you’re here

in the summer time because it rarely
ever completely fills and it offers good

access to some nice tent and RV sites
in an open setting again like the other

campgrounds this one has been clearcut
due to the bark beetle and in an effort

to avoid falling trees and such so
there’s plenty of space here lots of room

In our case we camped there once with our truckand backed right in and so it’s a

nice place to stay and often not as
crowded as the other side of the park. If you

enter from the west side of Rocky
Mountain National Park you’ll come to


Grand Lake. In Grand Lake there are a number of campgrounds both public and private that

are very convenient to the National Park
in fact Grand Lake is probably a little

bit closer to the National Park has less
traffic from the sites you are going to be able

to move a bit quicker up the road and get to the destinations. Grand Lake also has Lake

Granby and on the south shore there’s a
road this is marked as six here this

road has a number of forest service campgrounds along it. The Sunset Point campground is a great

little spot to stop because it has nice RV
sites and pretty views of water and

drive down this road it’s a graded
gravel road nothing too technical and

there’s a number of campgrounds back here in fact there is a little bit more than what’s

popping up right now it would probably pop up in page two of my results

but this Arapahoe Bay has some very pretty campgrounds that are located back there and

we have video and pictures of those also

the advantage to these is that they’re gonna be less crowded and allow you to find a place to


Sunset Point also this Green Ridge and Cut-Throat Bay in Stillwater Campground this

one is right off the highway very easy
to get to and offers camping up on the

side of a hill overlooking a lake so
it’s pretty location to see from and its got

hook ups here too so this is a great
campground it tends to be a little bit

more busy obviously because it has the hookups and such but it could be a fallback if you need a place to stay.

Rocky Mountain itself is accessible off US 34 a lot of folks will hike into

the backcountry campgrounds and camp
along the trails obviously the major

mountain peaks are always a great
destination but for the family that’s

essentially it for Rocky Mountain National
Park enter from the west or the east

There’s campgrounds both public and private leading into and then the national park

campgrounds inside of it. If you want to
learn more go to search

Granby, Estes Park, Rocky Mountain
National Park and discover your

campground or RV Park to spend your
vacation at Rocky Mountain National Park

hope this is helpful leave questions in the comment section

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