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Epic Camper

Lifetime Access
$ 350 One-Time Fee
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  • Until death do us part takes on another meaning
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Camping Insider

3 Years VR Tour Membership
$ 175 3 Years Membership
  • Designed for anyone who camps a lot
  • Multiple seasons of the best tool available
  • Grow your experience as we grow the program

Annual Camper

1 Year VR Tour Membership
$ 75 per Year
  • Plan and book multiple trips
  • Have a say in the development
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Road Tripper

1 Month VR Tour Membership
$ 25 per Month
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  • Tour as many parks as you like
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Day Tripper

1 Week VR Tour Membership
$ 10 per Week
  • Perfect for planning that one trip this year
  • Save yourself time, money & headaches
  • Book the perfect site


Basic Member
  • 24 Hour Access to try out the Campgorund Virtual Tours
  • Tour as many parks as you like
  • After trial period you will continue to have access to the search engine

Feedback has been nothing short of spectacular!

“Congratulations! You get it. You are well on your way to achieving what may be the Holy Grail of modern day campers. Yours is an effort so far unsurpassed by the many, many camp site finders I have looked at so I consider the format, data collection and updating methodology nothing short of genius.” Leonard from Ohio

“I really like this!” Ron S

Wonderful… this is great! Thank you so much for all your hard work.” Cindi A

“I’m very interested!! Great idea especially since we will be using Recreation.gov for a lot of our camping spots!” Robert S

“That is soooo cool! Love it!” Florence O

Love this feature. Nothing worse than picking a campground in a state you have never been, to only be disappointed! (Heard about this website listening to RVLifestyle podcast). Very exciting!” Kim R

“You all are doing amazing work on this…way to go!” George S

“This is ABSOLUTELY cool! I love it and can’t wait til I can use it to find different campgrounds. Thank you!!!!” Bev G

Love this site!” Marisol S

“This is really awesome. We both think this is incredibly useful and smart. We use your site often and frequently use Recreation.gov and are looking forward to using this new tool.” Stan and Sue

“What a great idea – I luv it. I’ve seen many sites now providing photos of the actual site but the the ability to navigate thru the sites and see all the scenery” Cora V

“I love this!! Great job! I would definitely use it.” Heather G

“This is going to be a fabulous tool for us in a big rig. Sometimes parks have not been so road or tree friendly. Invaluable. Love it.” Martha

“Love, love it! It was easy to use. We always wanted to be able to see what the campsite looked like and the standard pictures never gave you the full picture.” Heather F

“Very well done and informative!” George E

“Very cool & helpful.” Wyndy

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