5 Best Places to RV in the Winter

With winter here most campers are too busy shoveling snow and huddling around heaters to worry about the best places to go camping in the winter but that should not be the case… Winter is a great time to take the RV out of storage and out to a campground.

1. Southern California Coast

If there is any one blanket destination to go in the winter it is the California Coast. From Santa Cruz south to the Mexican Border you will find a host of great campgrounds and RV parks providing access to incredible surf, amazing sunsets, and mostly un-crowded spaces. California is often forgotten for out of state campers but the state does provide some of the most scenic destinations to go camping in the window. Our top picks include the Pismo Coast, Oceanside, and Ventura/ Santa Barbara.

2. Arizona Deserts

While Phoenix and Yuma have been the traditional snowbird destinations for generations there is more to Arizona than blue hair and shuffleboard. Arizona has a mix of mountains and lower valleys with temperatures ranging from 90’s along the Mexican border to freezing in the mountains around Flagstaff. Between those destination there are a host of options for campers to chose and stay. If you are seeking out of the way our top picks include Sedona, Catalina State Park, and Prescott.

3. Southern Hospitality

Mississippi, Alabama and the Florida panhandle offer some out of the way destinations that tend to be overlooked by the mass migration that heads further south. While the temperatures will trend a bit lower you can find reasonably priced accommodations in small towns along the gulf coast and rural areas outside of the well known destinations. These regions tend to be overlooked by the other snow-birds allowing astute travelers to save money and enjoy parks that are less crowded. Some of these locations include Biloxi and Orange Beach,

4. Adventure Bound

Just because snow covers the ground does not mean you need to head south for some fun RVing. With the proper prep and planning cold weather RVing can be a unique way to experience some of the colder areas. Yellowstone keeps one campground open, the Carson City and Reno area grants access to Lake Tahoe Ski Slopes, or Angel Fire New Mexico provides resort amenities with shuttles to the slopes (or even direct access too)

5. Central and Southern Texas

The Texas hill country amazes in winter with quaint communities, low traffic and a peaceful place to spend the winter. The lower demand allows you to find bargains on camping without going all the way south into climates that will make it really hard to ever head north again. Glen Rose TX

Winter does not mean the end to the camping season. If you are looking for a great destination for winter camping these 5 choices can help you get away while everyone works and freezes all day 😉

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