At we strive to make the website easy to use, simple to navigate, and amazingly fast. This last week we made a switch that will help all three of these goals. is built on the very popular and widely used WordPress platform. Wordpress is the most popular open source software platform available for websites and provides a host of features and customization that make it perfect for our needs. With built in security, account management, and data optimizations the software package ensures a robust environment for your use. Basically WordPress is perfect for the tools and access you need.

The single biggest problem with WordPress is it that it can be “heavy” on a standard hosting platform causing slow response times and page loads. We have taken a number of steps already to speed the website up with the changes placing us into the fastest 30% of websites but that was still not good enough. During the last week we made the single biggest jump in speed performance by moving the website to a dedicated WordPress hosting platform in WP-Engine.

WP-Engine hosts only WordPress based websites so all of their systems are completely optimized for The company also provides USA based support and advise that has netted us real time gains equal to cutting load times in half. is now in the top 23% of all websites online with page responses and query execution times noticeably faster and more crisp.

Let us know what you think of the new hosting and site speed.

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