Top 3 Excuses to Go RVing in the White Mountains of New Hampshire

The White Mountains of New Hampshire call all RVers to a mountainous setting of grandiose vistas and outdoor adventure. In this episode of the RV Adventure Series the team discover what makes this area of New Hampshire so special and give you 3 great excuses for planning your RV trip there for next year.

Starting with an overview of the region including some of the famous drives and views the team heads over to the first excuse at White Mountain ATV Rentals in Gorham New Hampshire to explore “the wilds” of New Hampshires 1,000 miles of off-road trails.

After hitting the backroads the team takes the classic Chevy truck up the most famous hill climb in the region, for excuse number two, by driving to the top of the Mt Washington Auto Road. On the way back down they spot a train and with CJ’s encouragement race over to the Cog Railway.

Finally excuse number 3 was invented right here in New Hampshire the Mt Washington Cog-railway was conceived, designed, and only used to transport tourists from the base of the mountain to the very top. Take a trip back in history with this fun train ride that scales 37% grades!

This is Episode 11 of the RV Video Series produced by Designed to give you great ideas for your next camping adventure we work to find the unique and interesting available to RV and tent campers when they travel to a region.

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Full transcript from the video:
Hi I am Mark Koep with we’re here in the White Mountains New Hampshire we’re going to find out what’s fun interesting and unique about this RVing destination.

Stunning is the best word to describe the White Mountains New Hampshire majestic peaks the green forest and the rivers all combined to create some amazing backdrop for both natural
there are covered bridges, rocky paths along the river beautiful wonderful twisty mountain roads that curve through the mountains and scenic sights all around.

Travelling through Twin Mountain we came upon Tarry Ho Campground which has unique new ice cream bar. We stopped to fill up on some sweets and check out their pretty tent and RV sites located near the river. It’s a great home base to go out and explore and explore we did.

We learned one of the best ways to experience the white mountains is on an ATV so we headed over to White Mountain ATV rental in Gorham to pick up a side-by-side and just as soon as you’re there you’re off on the roads what’s cool about New Hampshire and it is much like Utah is that licensed vehicles can travel on some roads so you actually leave the rental place hop on the highway and drive straight to the trails and trails there are these trails go for thousands of miles let me repeat that thousands of miles of off road trails.

We just drove a quick 8 mile loop up to a waterfall and back but you can go for again thousands of miles in New Hampshire on ATVs dirt bikes and side-by-sides Side-by-sides a great because it allows you to sit with your family cruise through the trails without getting dirty but yet still enjoying the off-road adventure …

Well that’s definitely worth the trip can’t bring your RV up here but you sure can bring one of these four by four vehicles come out to New Hampshire check out the trails. If you need 1 give White Mountain ATV Rentals a call they’ll hook you up.

Returning the side by side to the rental place it was off to the granddaddy of them all Mount Washington and specifically the Mount Washington Auto Road and this is a privately owned road that climbs up this monstrous mountain to the top on our trip it was a beautiful blue sky you could see for hundreds of miles out and we began our climb and climb you do in your vehicle. This narrow road takes you right up the side of the mountain and it’s not for the faint of heart your passenger is not gonna have fun on the way up there unless they like that kind of thing.

At the top is a parking area and you get to experience a little bit of that world famous wind that they say blows up here. Make sure you keep your hat on leaving the top head back down you get to enjoy the views all around except on our trip we noticed something unique there’s a train that comes up the other side so you know us having a three-year-old all he could say was train train train so it was our goal to get down this mountain as fast as possible and go discover a little bit more about what’s going on at the Mount Washington Cog Railway.

The Cog Railway offers easy parking for any size R V in their large lots. Developed in 1869 the railway served one simple purpose and that’s getting tourists like me and you from the bottom of this mountain to the top. That’s 3,600 feet in elevation in about three miles total track. The trains use an engineering marvel the Cog Railway to pull the locomotives and passenger cars up and down the mountain safely. The cars climb grades ranging from flat at the bottom to almost 37% grade in the middle of the track the climb is surreal. Climbing up you go through the various zones and you get to see and learn about what makes the track possible and the history of the mountain itself from your engineer / tour guide / brake-man.

This operation is top-notch and well worth the price of admission Once at the top you can tour around Mount Washington State Park drop a postcard in the mail check out the museum that tells you more about the history and interesting facts of the area and grab a bite to eat in the cafe Leaving the cafe and walking outside you get to experience what makes Mount Washington so special. The extreme environment is brought on by this northern latitude and elevation they even have to strap the building down to the ground so it doesn’t blow away. Tourists come here from all around and during our stay we were lucky enough to see a wedding taking place right here on the mountain what a beautiful spot to get married hopping back in the train descending the mountain you see the buildings disappear into the clouds on the beautiful ride back home.

The Cog Railway is a fitting end to our stay in the White Mountains and we invite you to experience it yourself by giving Tarry Ho a call, making a reservation for your next camping site and heading up to New Hampshire.

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