Product Test: Lumi-Niter Frisbee for the Night

Our son, at 4 years old, has just started learning how to play frisbee and this was truly a blast.

As the daylight hours get shorter it becomes more and more difficult to find fun things to do outside after work. The Lumi-Niter by Flite by Nite offers a fun solution. Combining two things kids love in to one easy to use package is always a winner. The company has taken a competition weight frisbee and added 4 small glow sticks to the surface making for a flying disc that glows in the dark.

We met up with this company at a recent convention and recognized the amazing potential of this product for the camping community. The simple nature of the design and functionality makes this the perfect product to be sold in camp stores and used by campers. Flite by Nite was kind enough to send us a test disc to try out.

Packaging – A

packagingThe Lumi-Niter comes packaged in a slick retail hang package. The package includes one frisbee and 4 choices of color glow sticks (4 sticks in each color for a total of 16 sticks). The glow sticks are the short 3″ variety that can be picked up for refills in any toy section or at 99 cents stores. For camp stores the additional glow sticks could be stocked and sold as an add-on and are available in a package add-on from Flite by Nite.

The packaging is easily opened to access the contents and also serves as a nice place to store the disc and sticks when not in use.

Playing Frisbee at Night – A

On a lovely evening in October we had the opportunity to try the frisbee out. Part of the fun is allowing the kids to pick the colors they want to use. Our son selected all red for this first flight. The frisbee was ready to go after snapping the glow sticks and sliding them into their holder tabs at four opposing spots on the top of the disc (4 sticks are used at one time).

The sticks really shine, literally, once you get outside under the night sky. They provide just enough illumination to make the frisbee visible in the air and on the ground. Some care needs to be taken when playing with smaller children due to the heft of the flying disc; it is heavy enough to really hurt should it smack into a toddler’s face during flight. Older kids and adults will enjoy getting fancy with this disc as it is a stable flyer that you can really launch a long ways.

Our son, at 4 years old, has just started learning how to play frisbee and this was truly a blast. We spent 45 minutes tossing the disc back and forth; most of the time it would end a flight by hitting the pavement or dirt versus being caught. For a product test this was great because it proved the strength and durability of the Lumi-Niter design. No glow sticks ever came off even during the hardest crash.

As noted multiple times the main frisbee is a well made unit. During daylight hours the disc is an excellent all around flying disc that works just like a good frisbee should. This dual use design makes the Lumi-Niter a solid choice as a single bring along disc for any camping trip.

Overall – A

lumi-niter-darkThe only problem we could find with the product was the ongoing need to buy new glow sticks. If you have small kids this is no problem because, if you are like us, you keep a stash of glow sticks in the cupboard at all times. If you don’t have a stash of sticks then this is a factor to consider. The company does sell a box of refill glow sticks.

An additional tip for the glow sticks is to stick them in the freezer after your use. The next time you go to play with the disc at night heat the sticks up under warm water and the glow will return.

There are alternative night time flying discs available that utilize leds and batteries. After researching their design and functionality we feel that the Lumi-Niter is a better choice. The simple design will last longer, is completely water proof and does not have inherent issues with durability (the led models tend to crack or lose battery doors).

For camp stores this is a great product to stock for the camping season. The Lumi-Niter is not a product most people will look for in advance making it the perfect impulse-buy in-store. We can envision a scenario where one of the major brands like KOA, Jellystone, or Cruise Inn partners with Flite by Nite to give the discs out as a “discover the night” promotion or, alternatively, producing their own branded line of Lumi-Niters.

With fall officially here and 6 months of early darkness ahead the Lumi-Niter is a fun way to get outside and play after sunset.

More information about the Lumi-Niter can be found on the company’s website at:

Individual discs are available at Amazon

Glow stick refills are also available at Amazon

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