How to Find Amazing Campgrounds

Having the proper tools for a job can make success a possibility BUT knowing how to use those tools can make success a reality. After 8 years and 20,000+ miles on the road visiting and staying at hundreds of parks we know how to find the campgrounds and RV parks that are right for us. Here are our secrets that have saved us thousands on camping in some of the most amazing places in the country.

Proper Tool =

Here is where you start

Before going further you will want to unlock some of the free trip planning tools by creating an account. Click “Sign In” at the top right and then “Register”

On the home page there are 2 main search options. First the primary “location” search.

Start typing a city name, destination, or even cross streets. For example if you want to stay near Old Faithful… start typing old faithful. A list of choices will popup below, select the best match and click search.
Also on the home page is a lesser known but more powerful search option and that is the “keyword” search. Located on the top navigation bar all you need to do is click the little magnifying glass icon.

Start typing any keyword and hit enter. You will be taken to a list of all the campgrounds matching that search term!
Whichever route you go you will end up on a search results page like the following.

If you scroll down you will see a number of campgrounds and depending upon the amount in the area may see a “page select” option at the bottom to see more.

If you want to change your search, expand the radius, or filter results scroll all the way to the top of the page and adjust your filters; in the example below I expanded the search radius to 50 miles adding significantly more parks to my results consideration.

Each park listing has basic information on the search page including name, address, phone number and primary amenity icons. In addition review stars are present if the park has been reviewed.

By selecting the park name you will then go into the details of that campground where the real value is found.


Some key things to note are the contact information for the park, videos, photos and description. If you are logged in you will also have the ability to save the park to your favorites list for quick reference and post reviews and your own photos.

Using these tools you will open your camping possibilities to a wider selection of parks and start finding the places that are right for you.

How do you use the site to find places to camp?

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