4 Tips to Explore Acadia National Park in Your RV

Acadia National Park in Maine is the East Coast Version of Yosemite. A destination for millions of people annually it is also a great destination to take your RV or pack the tent and spend some days communing with nature. The team at CampgroundViews.com does our part to help your visit be more enjoyable by providing tips and tricks for enjoying the park.

Tip 1 – Ditch the car or RV and take the free park shuttle. Driving throughout Acadia the shuttle provides access to all the popular spots without stress or worry.

Tip 2 – Hike the “bar” in Bar Harbor. At low tide a sand bar allows foot and vehicle traffic to cross to the island across the harbor. Even if you do not make it there is sea life right there. Hike the trails of Acadia! Seems simple enough but so many don’t do it. plan on hiking at least one hill top route during your stay.

Tip 3 – Bring a bike. Acadia National Park is one of the most bike friendly parks in teh world. With 45 miles of carriage roads open to cycling the dirt paths allow you to discover the interior of the park by bike.

Tip 4 – Go in early September. Only one time during the year does the US Coast Guard allow you access to their lighthouses.

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Transcript from the video
First tip is how to explore the park for free the great thing about Acadia and the majestic shorelines abundant sea life and
interior lakes all those are connected by hundreds of miles of hiking trails but get to those trails You have to drive in
and park there is not abundant parking that’s where the free bus line comes in with miles of roads and routes that go through the park you can access most any of the major sites from the bus that is
free parking in a visitor center there’s access for RVs and your vehicle hop on the
free bus and go for a ride through the park road. It is a great way to see the park
without having to worry about running
over deer people or off the side of a cliff
our first stop at Sand Beach allowed us
to play in the sand and enjoy the late
summer weather for the more adventurous
this point also allows you access to the
dangerous hiking trail up the face of the cliff for us we took the easier path
along the ocean easier but just as scenic
The views are amazing in Acadia that’s what
draws people here all the time
back on the bus we headed up to Bar
Harbor and crossed the sandbar over to the
island this is a great destination for
the whole family because even if you
don’t make the island there is sea life that
you can see right there
Acadia is about the trails and exploring
the different areas which brings us to tip
3 hike the trails of Acadia this
particular hike we headed up the top of the
peak to an old fire tower we hoped to
get up to the top of the fire tower and
see a view a hundred feet above the ground but it was closed and we had just taken the
view from the base
one point you can access the free
shuttle but is a great place to hike is
Cadillac Mountain. The Highest Point in the park on clear days you can see for hundreds of
miles around. Any stop in Maine is not
complete without some lobster we decided
to try some lobster and headed down to the store to
take a look. We felt they were too cute and decided we would do our part to help
nature by releasing one back into the
wild Tip 3 is taking your bike to Acadia
national park arguably the most
accessible park by bike. The carriage roads
originally developed by the Rockefellers
allow you access to forty-five miles
of back country views
sites and areas that you could only
reach my foot. If you don’t wanna ride a
bike you can also take a horse-drawn
carriage ride and see the historic gate
houses and other majestic sights just a
lot of fun Tip 4 for planning your trip
to Acadia if you can be there in September or early September the US Coastguard on one
opens up the historic lighthouses that they operate for touring. We drove all
the way out to the easternmost point in the US Quoda Head Lighthouse
Tour the park tour the area and go up in
the red and white striped lighthouse
this lighthouse overlooks the bay of
Fundy the southern end of it which is the
bay with the highest tide swings
between low and high. It’s a historic
point and would be a good reason to plan a late summer trip to this area of Maine
Thank you Acadia for the wonderful time and if you have a chance check it out
Go to CampgroundViews.com to plan your trip this is Mark Koep thank you and goodbye

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