1. Stephen Comstock

    Great idea and initial implementation! The utility in this app for me will be when you get back East and begin to include private campgrounds, State Parks and the like. In that case, I would be very happy to be a contributor.

    1. Mark Koep Listing Owner

      That is the plan. Like any journey we have to take the first steps somewhere.

  2. mrodfl

    Great concept! The success of this venture will depend on the execution.

    Some observations: The 360 degree video is the most important and primary feature. Reservations are nice but relatively unimportant to the user as they can be accomplished in other ways. I would rather you cover more campgrounds than just cover those you can connect to for reservations. That means private as well as public campgrounds. As I live in the east and rarely camp in the west, your current collection of campgrounds doesn’t do me much good. The more campgrounds and territory that you cover, the more valuable your service will be to me and the more I would be willing to pay for it.

    Just a thought that I hope will help you: It seems to me that taking videos of all these campgrounds could be a slow and expensive process. To speed up the acquisition of campground videos, why not enlist volunteers who would drive the campgrounds for you in return for some preference such as a free membership? You could require the volunteers to buy their own camera with the proviso that you will buy it back from them after they have submitted a certain number of acceptable videos. That would weed out the non-serious, and ensure that those who join the volunteer program have some level of commitment to it. And it would allow you to build your library with far less expenditure of time and money.

    Best of luck.

  3. hiddenvalleyrv

    Since you and Casey often associate, do you plan to use Campspot as well as reservation.gov?

    1. Mark Koep Listing Owner

      The great thing about our tool is we can integrate with any reservation engine as long as we get a data feed.

  4. Mark Koep Listing Owner

    If you are watching the recording you can fast forward about 20 minutes to get past the pre-show

    1. Mark Koep Listing Owner

      Assuming we get the support we need we should have them captured by the end of this season. (Great question!)

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