What makes a campsite great?

We spend our days gathering photos, videos and reviews of campgrounds and RV parks across the US. Through this work we often get asked “what is the best campsite you have ever visited?” The honest answer is that it depends. It depends on how we want to camp (in the RV or in a tent), the time of year, the neighbors (or lack thereof), the fun things to do and the friends and family we get to spend the days with. In the end the best campsite in our eyes might be the worst one in yours. What you might find amazing today could be terrible next time around.

Camping, like a lot of things, is subjective and is not always a product of the place where you camp.

With graduations and school-end comes the summer camping season. We know a lot of you have started or already have planned your summer camping trips. Did you choose the popular National Parks, unknown county parks, or a private RV park that offers fun for the family?

Cedar Pass CampgroundOur Camp Contest winner from May is on his way towards Alaska for the trip of a lifetime. One of the few states we have personally not visited Alaska is one of the last remaining wilderness destinations for campers. SuperSlif blew away our previous high score mark by submitting reviews and photographs of an enormous amount of parks he and his family have enjoyed in their RV. His final total of over 3000 points is an inspiration for you to model and a reason to camp a little more… why? He received $100 to use at Amazon.com!

We are sure he is in for the trip of a lifetime. Will all of his campsites be amazing? Probably not. Will his trip be amazing anyways? Absolutely! Like Superslif we hope you are heading off for some amazing summer adventures. Take some photos, maybe a video, and when you have a chance take a moment to help other campers out by posting them here at CampgroundViews.com.

What makes a a campsite great? You, your friends and your family. Here is to a great summer camping season… enjoy!


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