Top 10 Reasons To Rent an RV For Your Next Vacation

Hocking Hills State ParkRenting an RV is one of the best ways to enjoy a vacation. It has advantages over purchasing an RV, camping in a tent, and staying in a hotel. In fact, RV renting is quickly becoming one of America’s favorite ways to vacation.

You and your family will absolutely love renting an RV for your next vacation, so let’s look at some of the top reasons why RV rental is quickly becoming America’s top vacation choice!

1. Fraction of the Cost Compared to RV Ownership

Be honest with yourself. How often will you really use an RV if you buy one? We’d all love to go out camping once or twice a month, but most people, sad as it may be, simply won’t have time for that much travel.

For people who can’t get away every other weekend, renting an RV is a great choice over purchasing an RV that costs up to $100,000 or more. Why spend that amount of money to go camping when you can rent an RV for a fraction of the price.

2. Far More Room for Personal Space

If you were to stay in a hotel room on your next vacation, how much room would you really have? If you have a large family, the kids will likely be running on top of each other and crashing into the walls!

The inside of an RV is often bigger than a hotel room, and all you have to do is open the doors and the kids have quick access to woods, playgrounds, streams, and anything else they might enjoy!

3. More Storage Too!

How many items can you pack into your car? Even SUVs are limited compared to a full-sized recreational vehicle. When you rent an RV for your vacation, you can bring along more toys for the kids, coolers for food and beverages, and even outdoor equipment like kayaks, fishing rods, hiking packs, and more.

Most RVs have plenty of storage compartments underneath the cabin area, and some even have racks for mounting equipment to the top.

4. Little to No Hassle with Maintenance

Think about how much maintenance your car needs. Now imagine how much a massive RV takes. Not only do RVs have many of the same needs as every-day vehicles, they also have kitchens, bathrooms, electronics, and lighting that may need maintenance or repairs.

When you own, you need to worry about all of these issues, but when you rent an RV for vacation, the only task you’ll really have to concern yourself with is fueling the vehicle and emptying the tanks.

5. Travel Anywhere You Want in Comfort

Blackwater Falls State ParkYou can’t really take that hotel room with you, can you? With an RV, you can take your accommodations anywhere you want. You can travel to a nearby RV park, and if that doesn’t suit your needs (or your whims) you can keep rolling down the road.

You can visit sports events, forests, museums, or mountains, the choice is yours and the options are practically limitless!

6. Nature is Right Out the Door

Many people choose to go RVing because it provides quick, convenient access to nature. Depending on your location and the RV park you choose, you can likely go straight from the comfortable lodgings of the RV to the great outdoors in only a few steps.

No long car ride from the hotel and no traffic keeping you from the great outdoors, just an easy, relaxing vacation from start to finish!

7. Head to the Outdoors with Clean, Comfortable Lodgings

We’ve talked a lot about the advantages of renting an RV over staying at a hotel. But what about sleeping in a tent? When you rent an RV, you’ll have a clean, comfortable bed where you can relax. Maybe you want to sit on the couch and read a book. Maybe you want to lay down in a quiet, spacious bedroom for a lazy afternoon nap.

With a rented a RV, all of these are complete possibilities. A tent can provide some comfort, but not nearly the level of luxury you get from an RV!

8. Bathrooms for Added Convenience

Some people love the rugged, get-away adventure of camping from a tent, and that’s fine. But for people who like a clean, private bathroom, renting an RV is a much smarter decision.

You’ll have facilities that you can use whenever you want, giving you and your family privacy and comfort. To be fair, some parks have excellent bathroom and shower facilities, but many are…well, a bit lacking.

9. A Kitchen that Travels with You

silver-strand-state-beach-rv-park-09Another added convenience of an RV rental compared to both tent camping and staying in a hotel room is your very own kitchen. If you like to cook, you can use an RV kitchen to make all the excellent meals that you and your family love, using a stove and oven that allows for greater convenience and less effort.

Sure, you can cook by the campfire whenever you want, but having that kitchen stove for breakfast, lunch, or a quick dinner is a wonderful convenience. And the microwave isn’t half-bad either!

10. If You Live in a Cold Climate, Renting Just Makes Sense!

This really goes back to the first point about buying an RV over renting for a vacation. Overall usage. If you live in a cold climate, how often will you use your camper? Will you use it during the cold winter months, when the outdoors are frigid and the roads are slick with ice?

Depending on where you live, winter could eliminate four, five, or even six months out of the year! That’s far too much time lost on a big-ticket item like an RV. Better to rent, save, and enjoy a vacation in a comfortable RV for a fraction of the price!

Find the Prefect RV Rental for Your Next Vacation

To look for an RV rental in your area check visit and you can find the perfect recreational vehicle for your specific needs.

Whether you need a spacious RV for a large family or a small, cozy camper for you and your sweetheart, you’ll be able to find what you need!

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