The Great Boomer Gas Burnout

We spend our days speaking with campers, RVers, park owners, and industry professionals and guess what everyone is saying? Camping is going to be crazy popular this year. Parks are booking early with popular state and federal parks already booked not only for popular holidays but in some cases for the entire season!

What has changed?

We call it the “boomer gas burnout” effect and when we explain the term it will make perfect sense.

  1. Boomers are retiring like crazy. Best guess estimate is that 10,000 people retired today and 10,000 tomorrow and 10,000 after that and so on. The Boomer generation has made the RV industry one of the few success stories in recent years with those bucket lists needing to be filled.
  2. Gas has never been cheaper. Whether it is diesel or regular fuel has never been cheaper than it is right now. Cheap gas = more trips = more campers.
  3. People still in the work force are stressed out and burned out. Productivity is up but pay is not. These day to day workers need a release and no family trip is more affordable than a camping trip.

The combination of these three factors (and in their respective order) is driving demand for RVs, RV parks, and campgrounds to never before seen levels. What this means for you is that planning ahead and being able to find new and interesting places to stay has become vitally important. Take some time to familiarize yourself with our tools and get camping!

  1. Superslif

    I agree, We’re heading to Alaska this summer, and I was lucky to get a reservation inside Denali National Park campground (Tek) for mid July. I guess you can call me a “tail-end” Boomer (age 53). Retiring in 25 days. Have always camped 50-60 nights a year the last 20 years. Retirement will afford us for flexibility in RVing more in the shoulder seasons.

    In years past I would make all my summer reservations usually by March 1st.

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