Before going any further let us say that you rock! By taking the time to submit videos and pictures of the campgrounds and RV parks you have visited you are going that extra mile to help other tent and RV campers to better find the places that meet their needs. Taking the few minutes to send these files is a true act of camaraderie and we thank you on behalf of thousands of other campers!

In addition so many campers have been discovering the site recently we decided to put together this quick tutorial with tips and tricks on using the site: Use like a pro: Tips and Tricks Video Click here

How-to Submit Video or Pictures to

You must first login (or create an account and then login), how else are we going to give you credit and accolades?

You will submit your photo to the listing page

Step 3: Upload your photo

Click the “Add Photos Link” and upload your image or video.

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Tips to Capturing Great Video

See the finished video from the above tutorial by clicking here

The above video in a nutshell…

  1. Get a digital video camera
  2. Take steady sweeping video shots of the campground
  3. Include multiple angles AND the campground entrance sign

Download our Video/ Photo Tip Sheet

Submit Your Video Using Dropbox:

  1. Go to and login or create an account
  2. Follow their prompts to upload your video
  3. Share the video file with
  4. Send a quick email with the details about your video (your username, where it was taken, and any other notes that may be important)

By submitting your video file to you are helping to provide an interactive experience for thousands of RV and camping enthusiasts. This simple process will help others to make more informed decisions about where they will spend their most valuable leisure time. We thank you for your contribution and support. If you have any problems please send us an email at