This Short Video Walks You Through the Process… Easy

Save money on Google Advertising by Only Paying for Calls?

Where does your money go when you “buy clicks”? It seems like you waste a bunch of money for nothing doesn’t it? What if you could only pay Google when someone actually calls your park?

In this short video Mark Koep walks you through the process of creating a Call campaign that only charges you when someone actually calls!

No Tech Experience Necessary

I am Mark Koep and together with my wife Katarina we built I have helped hundreds of parks improve their online presence and thousands of businesses excel on the internet.

This is one of my little secrets!

I am an Adwords specialist who has helped hundreds of businesses get great clients from Pay Per Click. These Call Campaigns are amazingly effective and only spending money when something good happens. For RV parks and campgrounds this is really the best advertising choice on Google.

This is the 3rd installment of our RV Park owner training series. You can see episodes 1 and 2 using the following links:

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