RV Adventure Tips for Travelling to Washington DC

Come along as Mark, Katarina, and CJ explore Washington DC during their RV travels. We share with you a sneaky and free way to park within half a mile of the National Mall and a trick to being able to see it all easily.

With a baby on board finding fun things to do outside of the normal DC touristy stuff is important. We stumbled upon the amenities at Burke Lake Park Campground that included a fun train ride through the trees for $2.75 per person! Fun and cheap just the way we like it.

This is Episode 9 of the RV Video Series produced by CampgroundViews.com. Designed to give you great ideas for your next camping adventure we work to find the unique and interesting available to RV and tent campers when they travel to a region. Washington DC is not a RV friendly city so we discover a way for RVers to explore it without paying $20-$30 a day for parking.

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Transcript from the video:

Good morning we are here in Washington DC
We have some great trips to help you this explore this city on a budget and make it easy.

First tip; Where to park for free within a half mile of the National Mall. Hanes Point Park is located on a Peninsula just off where the Jefferson Memorial is;
It is literally a half mile from the National Mall. Offers free parking for vehicles and small RVs and you can easily hop on your bike and ride the sidewalk and the trails right in to the National Mall.

You have easy access to all the monuments and there is bike lock locations throughout DC. DC is actually a very bike friendly community. You are able to ride right up to the monuments, the capitol and many locations throughout the city.

You might say “hey but if I ride bike I am going to get all sweaty” Guess what if you are walking around DC in the summer you are going to get sweaty anyways.
On a bike you have access to all these great areas and all it takes is a spin of the pedals. So next time you are in DC bring a bike along.

So you are in DC you got the kids and they are driving you nuts we found something that is fun, inexpensive, and really cool here at Burke Lake Campground.
Located in the trees not far from DC this park provides many entertainments for kids and adults alike.

They have a playground, mini-golf, merry go round, ice cream stand, and a little train set.
This thing is great for the kids it is very inexpensive and this little motor cruises thru the trees around the park.

A lot of fun a great way to take the little ones out to play. and it’s something different and unique in the area.

So head out to Burke Lake and have fun. I am Mark Koep from CampgroundViews.com this is our tour and our ideas for helping your
DC vacation be a little bit more fun. Thank you and good-bye.

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