Park Operators: The Successes and Failures of running a campground

How many times does somebody walk into your office and say “it would be so much fun to do what you do!”. Several years ago we posted an interview of Dan and Erin Thiem of Inn Town Campground discussing the process and journey of building their campground and Glamping destination.

That interview, as of right now, has been viewed 69,000 times! You can see that original interview by clicking here.

Fast forward several years and they have been operating the park to much success. To catch up we performed this second interview and expect it to be as popular as the first.

The point of this is that part of your marketing should probably be a little bit of the behind the scenes. Sharing your journey is a good way to build trust and interest.

At Campground Views we want campers to enjoy their journey and want to do it again and again. To this end we want you to be your best. We are helping and this tech is the solution; check it out

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