When you operate a RV park or campground in a forest area it is inevitable that a fire will eventually occur. In this exclusive interview with General Manager Tom Ladenburg of West Glacier KOA we learn how they are able to provide an excellent staging ground for firefighters as they work to battle the blaze, protect property and save lives.

West Glacier KOA, specifically property adjacent to the park and owned by the park owner, has been used 3 of the last 4 years by fire fighters thanks to its size, access and rapid availability. This video was filmed shortly after the start of the Howe Ridge Fire in 2018 and the crew using the camp at this time was the advanced Type 1 crew tasked with getting the area fires under control.

Kudos to West Glacier KOA for enabling this and helping to serve the community. Discover in this interview how you can do the same with your property (it is easier than you think).

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