One question we get oftern is how should I advertise my park to different types of campers?

We have found that camping and planning traits vary by type of camper. If we break them out into their various groups we can make a more informed advertising decision based upon who we are going after (those of you that have spoken with me know this to be one of my first questions… what type of campers do you want in your park?):

Vacationers – use the RV to get away, relax, or adventure. Decisions based strongly upon their destination. They then see how far their destination is and route their trip that way. For example Southern Californians heading to Yellowstone will need to overnight at least 2 nights on their way there and back. They can either sleep in a Walmart or find somewhere neat along the way. (Largest volume group of RVers but the shortest overall stays) Out East this group would also include seasonal campers who also share traits with the Residence group.

Full-time Travelers – retired, rich, or figured a way to live, travel and work at the same time. Like vacationers they have a general destination in mind but will tend to route through neat regions, to neat parks or find something that draws them in. (About 1M fall into this category)

Residence – these are folks living in RVs due to a specific reason. They tend to want to be near work, family or medical resources. Generally lower income but there are also a wealthier contingent doing this for the freedom to move when they want (even if they don’t). This group is strongly price and location conscious. (Unknown number but likely in the few M).

From a marketing standpoint – parks should focus their marketing efforts on two fronts. Highlight your location and region; are you close to a river, the interstate, schools, hospitals, etc? Based upon that location/ region and the type of guest you are going after then highlight your offering; hookups, size of sites, dog runs, playgrounds, etc.

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