Palomino Puma 32BHQS

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Dive into the world of the Palomino Puma 32BHQS with our virtual tour at the 2024 RV Expo, brought to you by Campground Views.

This interactive experience invites you inside to explore the vast space, home-like comforts, and innovative features that make this travel trailer a family favorite. With a front bedroom featuring expansive closet space, a rear bunkhouse for additional sleeping quarters, and the convenience of two bathrooms, the 32BHQS redefines comfort on the road. The outdoor mini camp kitchen adds a touch of nature to your culinary adventures. Discover every detail that sets the Palomino Puma 32BHQS apart, from its luxurious amenities to practical design, and envision the unforgettable journeys it promises. Start your virtual tour now and see where the 32BHQS can take you and your family next.

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