Video is the best way to bring in new guests, do you have a video? Over the next few weeks we will be filming in your area and would like to schedule a shoot. Your park is about to join an exclusive list of parks across the country filmed by our on-location team. Our videos have reached over 750,000 RVers looking for places to stay and we have been covered by both industry press and TV news including Fox and CBS affiliates.

Hundreds of park owners have discovered the amazing value of our videos and use them prominently on their own web pages including:

Pro Video

Designed to “sell” your park to potential guests these virtual tours answer all the basic questions everyone has plus they show your special features to get guests to make those reservations. Pricing starts at $99 (click here for detailed pricing)

Location Feature

Why would RVers ever want to travel to your area? We give them a reason to and help them plan their stay by finding fun and interesting things to do. These are a great way to directly associate your park with your area.


Just like you would see on TV only they are designed for RV travelers by RV travelers. See what we did for Williamsburg KOA (they use this prominently on their home page).

Free Video: Both our team and everyday guests film these. You can see the latest ones here

There are probably a list of questions going through your mind right now; to make it easier here are frequently asked questions:

What is this going to cost me? –  We have plans starting at $99 (click here for detailed pricing). You also have free opportunities available if you are able to do some of the work yourself. (learn more)

Our goal is to make it easier for RV and tent travelers to find the places that will be right for them and the best way to do this is to show them. Filming will take about 10 minutes and will not disrupt your normal operations nor the privacy of any of your guests. Our team is discreet and discerning knowing just how to capture your park to make it look good.

Are you shooting any other videos in the area? – Yes. As our audience has grown so have the demands on us to provide more information not just on the parks but on the destinations. We are now producing a weekly RV destination series that highlights unique, inexpensive, and interesting points of interest in a local area. We offer sponsorship opportunities within these videos and will even include your location as part of the filming process (if you desire). See completed videos here. Contact us to get included.

Can I use the video on my website? – Absolutely yes! In fact there are a number of parks doing just that to great results. Each of the videos is watermarked with our name and location. This third party endorsement adds authenticity to the videos which equals more trust for your guests. We are  a Youtube Partner and host all of our videos with their service. This partnership creates amazing results where the videos rank on Youtube and Google plus they can be easily viewed on any web enabled device (like smartphones). Our on-location team captures the video in HD allowing for amazing clarity.

Is there anything I need to do to prepare my park? – No just run it the way you always do.

What if I am currently upgrading or performing maintenance on an area of the park? – Just let our on-location team know where that area is and they will work around it.

Do I need to be here when your team arrives? – No. As mentioned we are experts in filming parks.  Just let your camp-hosts or employees know we are stopping by.

I don’t “get” the internet, websites, or what you are doing? – Truthfully you are not alone. The majority of park owners do not get the internet and many just have websites put together by friends or family. We can proudly claim here that we know exactly what we are doing (which we do) and how wonderful we are (and we are) but will you believe it? Instead we can give you references from other park owners we have helped; many were just as skeptical as you may be and all have discovered the difference. Just give us a call or drop us an email and we will send you their contact information.

Is there anything else I can do to improve the outcome? – Yes, use the search bar at the top of this page to find your park. Look at the information we have; is it accurate? Can we add more to the park description? Do you want your park coming up at the top of search results? Click the button on that page to send us your changes OR let the on-location film crew know and the changes will be made.

What if I don’t want you to film? – That is your call as it is your property BUT it is a huge mistake. Put yourself in your potential guests shoes and ask yourself this… if you were looking for a place to stay and all the parks in the area have a video showing what they look like except for one (your park) how likely are you as a traveler to stay at that one park? To put it another way we recently received feedback from a park owner, who was honestly a bit skeptical at first, he stated, “it is amazing we have never been this full and I can easily say that 20% of all of our new guests come in BECAUSE of the video.”

I already have a video – Great! That means you already get it. We are happy to include your video on our website too (if it is hosted in a manner that allows it to be included). Since you do get video you may be interested in the RV destination sponsorship options mentioned above.

Will you try to sell me something? – No, we hate selling anything. Instead, as we have done here and in all our communications, we will lay out the various options available, the pros and cons, and then allow you to make a decision.

For example, Timberlane RV Resort (mentioned above), originally had us prepare the Pro Video only. At the time they were looking at redesigning their website and we mentioned that we know the RV audience really well and know how to design slick, inexpensive, and easy to use websites… a few months later they hired us to build their new website and had this to say, “I truly enjoy working with you!!! The video was done so professionally. We are extremely excited and very proud of the new site!”

Final Words

With over 2000 parks filmed across the country we are the fastest growing resource for RV travelers. Our users (your potential guests) absolutely love the service we are providing with comments like “You are the Zillow of RV parks!” “Amazing website. I planned my entire trip this last summer using your site only.” We have been covered by all of the leading industry publications including RV Daily Report, Woodall’s Campground Management, RV-Pro, RV Headlines, and many more. Major TV networks have picked up on us and our videos… one park in New York even had their video played on their local Fox TV station as part of the news!

Our promise to you is that this will be the easiest and most effective marketing you can perform, outside of running a great park that is, all you need to do is give us a chance to perform for you. Give us a call at (262) 458-4397