, like most websites, uses data tracking software to measure performance of the website. Our goal is to improve your experience and increase relevancy = we want to make the website great. To this end we re-launched the website 4 weeks ago using a new design, layout and search features. What we have found over the last few weeks has been nothing less than amazing.

A key metric for websites like is “Bounce Rate”. Without getting too complicated this is a measure of stickiness and usefulness of a website. A “good” bounce rate is usually between 25-40%. This means that out of 100 visitors 60-75 find what they need and take some sort of action on that need. Our old website had a horrible bounce rate of nearly 85% meaning it was not working for the vast majority of users. Something was not right and we set out to fix it for your benefit.

Magic Sub-5% Threshold

bounce-rateWhen stats first started trickling in on the new website we figured something was wrong. They were just too good to be true. So we checked the analytics code and it was good, then we checked the way it measured action and that was good, and finally we checked everything again and it was all correct. Our average bounce rate at is 4.7%! That means that 96 out of 100 visitors are finding what they need when they need it.

If you were a web-designer or internet marketer this number would make a career for you. What is interesting is if you look at the running count this number is actually bumped up by the outage of our hosting provider last week. For 4 days the site was incredibly slow or non-reachable. If you throw-out that period of data our bounce rate drops down to 3%!

Making it Relevant for You

Without giving out all of our secrets we will say that we have built the most relevant RV Park and Campground directory available online. We made the tools easy to use and the search features super easy to access. All of this ends with something that you can rely upon for your travel planning needs.

How are you liking the new website?

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