Is Overnight RV Parking at Costco Allowed? Tips and Guidelines

RV enthusiasts often seek convenient and cost-effective places to park overnight during their travels. One option that’s been a topic of interest is parking at Costco stores. In this article, we’ll explore whether overnight RV parking at Costco is allowed, along with some essential tips and guidelines for those considering this option.

1. Costco’s Overnight RV Parking Policy:

Costco’s official policy regarding overnight RV parking may vary by location. While some Costco stores have historically allowed overnight parking, it’s essential to note that not all stores permit this practice. Therefore, it’s crucial to check the specific store’s policy before assuming it’s acceptable.

2. Call Ahead:

Before planning to park your RV overnight at a Costco location, it’s advisable to call the store directly or visit their website. Look for a store-specific policy on overnight parking or contact the store’s management to inquire about their current stance on the matter.

3. Local Ordinances and Regulations:

Even if a Costco store allows overnight RV parking, local ordinances or regulations may override store policies. Some cities or counties have restrictions on overnight parking in commercial lots, so be sure to research the local rules in the area you plan to visit.

4. Be Courteous and Respectful:

If you find a Costco store that permits overnight RV parking, it’s essential to be a responsible and considerate guest. Park in designated areas, avoid taking up multiple spaces, and follow any posted rules or guidelines.

5. Purchase from Costco:

Some RVers suggest increasing the likelihood of being allowed to park overnight by making a purchase at the Costco store. This demonstrates your support for the business and may be viewed favorably by management.

6. Stay One Night Only:

Generally, overnight RV parking means staying for one night only. It’s not intended for extended stays or camping. Plan to arrive late in the evening and depart early in the morning to respect the store’s hospitality.

7. Noise and Generators:

Keep noise levels to a minimum and avoid running generators during the night. Quiet hours should be observed to ensure a peaceful environment for all customers.

8. Clean Up After Yourself:

Dispose of trash properly and leave no trace of your stay. This will help maintain a positive relationship between RVers and businesses like Costco.

9. Safety First:

Always prioritize safety when parking overnight. Choose well-lit areas, lock your RV, and be aware of your surroundings. If you ever feel uncomfortable or unsafe, it’s best to relocate to a more secure location.

10. Alternative Overnight Parking Options:

If you’re unable to park at Costco or prefer more predictable overnight parking, consider other options like Walmart, Cracker Barrel, or RV-friendly campgrounds and rest areas.


Overnight RV parking at Costco stores can be a convenient solution for travelers, but it’s essential to be aware of the specific policies and guidelines at each location. Call ahead, be courteous, and respect local regulations to ensure a positive experience for yourself and the Costco store. Remember that policies may change, so always verify the current status before planning an overnight stay at any location.

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