If a picture is worth a thousand words then our videos say it all. RVers have worked very hard to get the time and money to be able to enjoy traveling the open road. They know what they do and do not want in a RV Park or campground. Some want paved pull thrus and manicured yards while others want to drive 10 miles back a forest service road to camp in the middle of nowhere. Until now trying to find the right campground or RV park for you has been hard. There are the old printed directories dictated by the amount of money a park was willing to pay, online directories spammed with fake reviews, and random tips from strangers but they all have one huge hole… they don’t let you SEE the park for yourself.

With over 1400 videos of parks across the United States including popular destinations like:

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Extensive coverage for major cities including:

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CampgroundViews.com is changing the way RV and tent campers find and share their favorite campgrounds.

How do we get the videos?

We get the videos from you and other campers like you. Your cell phone most likely has a high resolution video camera just waiting to be used. Join thousands of other like minded individuals and truly help other travelers. Next time you are at a campground or RV park take a stroll around and capture pictures or video to share with others. All you have to do is film the location, we do the rest.

What is in it for you to send the videos to us? There used to be a camaraderie in the outdoor community predicated on this idea of sharing and helping fellow travelers. We believe it still exists and that the simple act of submitting videos and pictures can go a long way to bringing that community back. Why spend the time trying to describe a location (the majority of written reviews are just this) when you can show someone what a place looks like.

Start searching for campgrounds and RV parks today by using the search bar at the top of this and every page. All of the research tools are free to use but you can also Join the Community to personalize your experience, write reviews, submit pictures and video, or even message other members.