smoreLearning to make your first S’More is a quintessential first step in the camping experience. No campfire is complete without a few gooey marshmallow flame-balls being blown out or the shear joy of ingesting enough sugar to keep you going late into the night. Having roasted, toasted, and tested thousands of S’mores over the years we felt it appropriate to share our secret recipe for creating the absolute best S’More ever.

It all starts with the ingredients. Do not skimp and go for the store brands. Top shelf stuff is the only way to go including Honey Made Golden Grahams by Nabisco, the big Campfire Marshmallows, and of course the big Hershey Chocolate Bar. Whatever you think you need for the outing go ahead and triple it because you will want more!

Once the fire is going, dinner is done, and the kids are just losing their edge from a fun day of camping it is time start the S’more making. To create the best s’more ever follow these key steps:

Step 1 – Brown all sides of the marshmallow over the fire taking care not to burn it. You want a skin covered glob of molten marshmallow not a blackened crust over semi-cooked yet still too hard in the middle marshmallow.
Step 2 – Build the S’more this order: Graham Cracker, browned marshmallow, chocolate (same size as cracker), and top it off with another Graham Cracker to build your sandwich. Squeeze it lightly to expand the browned skin without cracking the crust.
Step 3 – Use a flat board and “bake” the S’more over warm embers (not open flame) for 45-60 Seconds. This extra cooking crisps the cracker, melts the chocolate, and warms the entire desert into an amazing treat.
Step 4 – Eat it while warm and make sure to get it all over your face while eating!

The most difficult part of this recipe is having the patience to go step by step and prepare the perfect S’more; many the better person has been tempted to ditch the entire process and simply jam marshmallow, chocolate, and graham into your mouth all at once. We get it

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