Forest River Wildwood FSX 270RTK

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Join us at the 2024 RV Show Season for a groundbreaking RV Virtual Tour powered by Campground Views, featuring the Forest River Wildwood FSX 270RTK.

This virtual journey offers an exclusive opportunity to explore the 270RTK model, a toy hauler designed for adventurers who crave both the thrill of outdoor activities and the comfort of home. Experience the spacious cargo area, perfect for transporting your adventure gear, and step into a living space that combines functionality with comfort. With features like a full-size refrigerator, three-burner stove, and a queen-size bed, every aspect of the Wildwood FSX 270RTK is crafted to enhance your travel experience​​​​. Discover why this model is a top choice for those looking to blend adventure with comfort. Dive into this immersive tour today and start planning your next journey with the Forest River Wildwood FSX 270RTK.

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