Video is the most powerful medium available online to communicate information to a wide audience. Some sources are calling for billions, with a b, of daily video views within the next few years. So why are RV Park owners getting it so wrong with their videos?

To set a baseline for this discussion we will look at some stats. channel on Youtube has received over 260,000 views to date. The average video length is 30 seconds and people watch all 30 seconds of the videos. Compare that to many of the home built videos produced by various RV Parks and the difference is staggering. RV parks are doing video wrong and the following 3 reasons could help them better reach and convert potential customers (that is the goal right?).

Reason 1: It is not about YOU

The first thing you need to realize when using video to market your RV Park to potential guests is that they do not care about YOU. They do not want to watch a video that spends 3/4 of its time showing your office or interviewing YOU. What they want to see are the things that will directly impact THEM.

Reason 2: RVers Have Limited Time and Bandwidth

While it would be great to take video of every square inch of your park (you could argue that this does address Reason 1) there are inherent problems with this methodology. The first problem is that most people do not want to invest 15 minutes of time to watch a video showing every square inch of your park. The second problem is that a large portion of people do not have the bandwidth or data allowances to waste on a 15 minute video. Even 3-5 minutes is just too long.

Reason 3: Your Video Does Not Reflect Reality

The danger with video or pictures is that they allow you to choose the angle, lighting, and subject matter. It becomes very easy to show your location in a way that does not reflect reality. The temptation to do this is understandable but in the long run can be very damaging to the reputation of your park. There are a number of video production companies and individuals who strive tirelessly to make your park look good during the shoot. What happens when a RVer who was sold on your park from the video arrives to find a location that differs greatly? Do you think they may take to the web to share their displeasure?

Doing Video Right for Your RV Park

To create a successful video of your RV Park you need to address the things that matter to RV and tent campers, including:

  1. What does the park look like?
  2. How big are the sites?
  3. What does the pool, playground, and bathhouse look like?
  4. What do the neighbors rigs/ tents look like?
  5. Are you a seniors only park, family park, long term stay, or destination?

Successful videos of RV Parks address the 5 topics above and combine them with tried and true methods from professional advertisers. The country just celebrated another Super Bowl Sunday so the memory should be fresh of how the pros do it on television. Commercials are 30-60 seconds long, speak direct to their target audience, and leave just enough of an impression to be memorable. Cut the fat and speak to your audience.

With the ease of posting video to sites like Youtube and Vimeo it is easy to think that anybody can do it. While this concept is true and anybody can and will do it very few actually do it right. With some planning and understanding of what your potential clients want you can produce better videos that create even better results.

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