We have dedicated significant efforts to making CampgroundViews.com as user friendly as possible. With that being said just like the first time you tried to setup a tent or backin the RV it does take some “getting used to”. To help you along we have put together the following information and tutorials to address the major questions we receive.

  1. How do I write a review of a campground or RV Park? A: You need to create an account (or login to your account), find the park using the search tool, click on the park, click “write review”, and post your review. A quick tutorial follows:
  2. How do I navigate around the site and what are the tools available? A: For this one it is best to show you some of the tricks; here is a tutorial video:
  3. I own a park and need to claim it or update information, how can I do this? A: You can use the contact us page to send your message to our team or if you want information on advertising click here
  4. I did not receive any emails from your site when I created an account. A: Check your spam folder. If it is not there send us a message and we will get it fixed asap.
  5. A park I want to review is not listed; how do I add it? A: If you are a camper looking to add a park you have no relation to use the contact us page If you are related to the park use the form on the bottom of this page.
  6. I am completely stuck how do I get support? A: Click here to contact us
  7. Do you have an APP? A: CampgroundViews.com works perfectly on a mobile device as is. Simply open CampgroundViews.com on your mobile browser and enjoy all the features from anywhere.
  8. How did you get so many videos and pictures? A: Lots of work from lots of campers created this content. Campers and RVers just like you submitted pictures and videos to help us all make better camping decisions.
  9. I have questions about the 360 videos. A: Check out the 360 page to learn more.
  10. Your little $ signs suck and I don’t like them; why don’t you just tell me what the price is!? A: You would not believe us if we explained how much the price moves around at RV parks and campgrounds. It is constantly changing. With over 15,000 parks in our directory trying to list the most accurate current price would be a logistical nightmare. That being said we do have relative prices for over 8,000 parks and allow users to submit new prices when they are logged in. To interpret our $ sign ratings here is the current (as of 08-2018) definitions of $ signs:
    <20 = 1 ($)
    20 -> 35 = 2 ($$)
    36 -> 48 = 3 ($$$)
    49 -> 60 = 4 ($$$$)
    61> = 5 ($$$$$)

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