Embark on an Adventurous Journey: Fun Rules for RV Sticker Maps

One of the joys of RV travel is the ability to embark on endless adventures across the country. To make these journeys even more memorable, many RVers have embraced the tradition of decorating their vehicles with sticker maps. These maps not only serve as a colorful and creative way to track your travels but also as a testament to the incredible places you’ve visited. In this article, we’ll explore the fun rules for RV sticker maps and how they can add an exciting dimension to your travel experiences.

Rule 1: One Sticker Per State:

The “One Sticker Per State” rule is a classic way to ensure that every state you visit gets its own special place on your RV sticker map. It’s a fantastic motivator to explore new regions and check off states on your map.

Rule 2: Capture Milestones:

Mark significant milestones on your RV journey with unique stickers. Whether it’s your first cross-country trip, a visit to a famous national park, or reaching a specific number of states visited, milestone stickers add a sense of achievement to your map.

Rule 3: Collect Local Stickers:

One of the delights of RV travel is discovering local gems. Embrace the “Collect Local Stickers” rule, where you only add a sticker if you’ve experienced the true essence of a place. It could be a local brewery, a charming cafe, or a small-town festival.

Rule 4: Add Special Events:

Remember special events and occasions with commemorative stickers. Whether it’s an anniversary, a family reunion, or a unique festival you attended during your travels, these stickers help preserve cherished memories.

Rule 5: Trade Stickers with Fellow RVers:

Engage with the RV community by participating in sticker swaps. Exchange stickers with fellow travelers you meet along the way, making your map a unique tapestry of shared experiences.

Rule 6: Get Creative:

Don’t limit yourself to just state-shaped stickers. Get creative and use a variety of designs, shapes, and sizes. Explore unique sticker options like animals, vintage cars, or symbols that represent your personal RV journey.

Rule 7: Personalize Your Map:

Add a personal touch to your RV sticker map by including your name, the year you started your RV adventures, or a special quote that resonates with your travels.


RV sticker maps are more than just colorful decorations; they’re a testament to your wanderlust and a visual record of your journeys. By following these fun rules, you can infuse even more excitement into your RV adventures. Each sticker on your map tells a story, and as your collection grows, so does your connection to the places you’ve explored. So, as you hit the open road, remember to have fun, connect with fellow travelers, and create a sticker map that’s as unique and adventurous as your RV journey.

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