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Deals are designed for two primary purposes: First, they allow you to market to our huge audience in a cost effective manner. Second, deals provide genuine value to travelers and enough of a value for them to be willing to pay for it today.

Getting the Most Out of It

Q: What types of deals work best?
A: “Make me an offer I can’t refuse”… in the world of deals this is the best advise we can share. Make your deal amazing for the following reasons:

  1. Amazing deals get people looking at your location and seeing if it can fit in their travels.
  2. Amazing deals get shared wide and far. Word of mouth spreads like wildfire.
  3. Amazing deals sell today = you get money fast for sites that will be used later.

Q: Can I spread the word?
A: Yes. Use your Facebook audience to extend the reach of the deal.

Q: Can I offer multiple deals at the same time?
A: Yes. We can work with you to craft deal options that fit your marketing goals.

Q: Free marketing from deals; how does that work?
A: Ever walked by a donut shop early in the morning only to be drawn in for a cup of coffee due to that sweet scent hitting your nose? Deals are like that scent. Even if travelers don’t buy the deal they are enticed enough to at least look into your location. This allows your park to stand out from the 15,000 plus other places to camp in the United States.

Q: Use deals to fill the perpetually empty sites?
A: You know those partial hookup sites on the back row that never get filled or those tent sites the previous owner built… use deals to fill them. Offer 65% off … a site that sits there empty earning you nothing. You can always up-sell the traveler when they arrive.

Q: What happens when a traveler clicks on a deal to learn more?
A: There are 3 primary places where the deal is found in our marketing channels (social, shopping, and directory). All 3 of them send the user back to your listing on our website. This listings contains links to your website, your phone number, photos and videos. As part of the setup process we will work with you to make the listing pop.

How is this Different

Q: I already take Passport-America, Good-Sam, AAA, Military Discounts, etc; why would I do a deal?
A: Why wouldn’t you do a deal? The problem with taking regular discounts is that travelers expect them; this means that taking a discount no longer works to bring in new guests. Deals are exciting, deals are unique, and deals are limited.

Q: Is this like Groupon or LivingSocial?
A: Similar in concept but vastly different in execution. Groupon, for example, demands 50% of the deal price as compensation. For a 50% off deal that means you would only get 25%! Why would you do that and what benefit would that have? The deals model only works when it is done right by a company that reaches your targeted audience in a trusted capacity. is that trusted source and deals is a perfect extension of the value we provide travelers.

Q: We don’t accept membership discounts as a rule.
A: Deals are not part of a membership program and are open to anyone. Think of deals as a win-win marketing strategy to reach new guests. They are targeted, limited, and special.

About the “Deal”

Q: What is a “deal”?
A: Deals are a special offer that allows travelers to pay in advance for a heavily discounted offer by your company. (ie: 50% off a one night stay, pay for 2 nights get the 3rd free, etc)

Q: So it is a coupon?
A: No. A “deal” is best compared to a gift card (and falls under the laws of such for your state). You are able to set restrictions on its benefits BUT holders of the “deal” can redeem it at any time for face value.

Q: Can you clarify what the redemption means?
A: For example, your deal offers a 1 night stay at 50% off during the months of November thru January. If a traveler buys the deal and books their stay during that window then they simply hand you the printed deal at check-in and pay nothing more. If they miss the redemption window they can still use the deal as if it were cash; they are just required to pay the difference.

Q: Is this a membership club?
A: No. The deals are marketed to anyone looking to go camping (tent or RV). By offering a deal through our website you are not agreeing to accept membership discounts from members.

Q: Can I offer discounts to your members?
A: Yes. This is a separate arrangement from the deals program but can just as easily be setup.

Q: How many deals can 1 traveler buy? Is there a minimum or maximum?
A: This depends on your goals and your restrictions. We do not set a minimum or maximum number of deals (the maximum amount of deals is limited and will be set before launching the advertising). You are welcome to set these in your restrictions.

Q: What happens if all the deals do not sell?
A: As with anything sometimes all the deals do not sell. We purposely limit the amount of available deals to avoid this but it happens. After a set period of time the deals will no longer be available for sale on the website. We will work with you to create a better variation of the deal. You are only responsible for the deals we sell.

About the Money

Q: How do you make your money (you can’t be doing this for free)?
A: We make our money in two ways: 1. We charge a small service fee to the travelers on each deal 2. We also sell a membership program

Q: What is my bottom-line cost to do a deal?
A: It costs you nothing until we sell a deal. Once a deal sells it costs you 5% of the deal price (covers our payment processing for credit cards and checks). You get all the benefits and exposure and only pay when it works.

Q: Who gets the money for the deal?
A: Your business does. We process the payment and collect the money from the traveler. We then hold that money in escrow according to the following payment schedule (allows us to process any refunds or chargebacks):

  1. Total amount to be paid will equal the deal price minus a 5% fee:
    1. 50% paid 3 weeks from sale
    2. 50% paid 6 weeks from sale
    3. Note: if a customer redeems their deal during this window, notify us and we will credit you your payment in full.

Q: What happens if the traveler wants a refund after you have paid us our money?
A: You are required to refund the full amount to the traveler (we refund our 5% cut too).

Q: How do you pay me?
A: We can mail you a check or deposit the funds direct to your bank account (fastest method) using a secure ACH account.

About the Terms of the Deal

Q: What restrictions can I set for the deal?
A: Any legal non-discriminatory rules can be set by you. We reserve the right to refuse your deal if the restrictions are too severe. The goal is to get people to commit and pay you today for a stay that might occur next week, next month, or further in to the future; what would someone need to offer you for you to say yes?

Q: Can I set blackout dates?
A: Yes. We allow for limited blackout periods depending upon the deal type. There is no reason for you to offer deals on dates you will sell out for the full price. Remember that the deal can still be redeemed during your blackout dates; it just counts as cash towards the full price (you still get the full price of your site).

Q: What about reservations?
A: Our standard deal terms call for the traveler to make advance reservations. This restriction can be removed if you request.

Q: Can I require a credit card to hold the reservation?
A: Yes. Your normal reservation terms apply. If the deal holder notifies you that they have a deal you can only charge their credit card for reservations beyond the deal terms (you can not charge their credit card to hold their deal). Each deal is uniquely numbered; record the deal number, if the traveler is a no show subtract the failed reservation fee from the deal value. (deal worth $25, no show fee $25 = the deal is now considered redeemed).

Q: Can I reject a reservation?
A: Only if you can’t provide the terms of the deal. For example, if your deal was for a premium full hookup site but all of them are booked you can inform the deal holder of this and offer an alternative. The deal holder is entitled to the cash value of their deal and depending upon the laws of your state you most likely will need to refund them the amount if you can’t provide alternative options. Travelers are understanding so just work with them to make it a win-win (throw in free fire wood and s’mores if they take a basic site).

Q: Can the deal be combined with other deals or discounts?
A: This is up to you but generally no.

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