Travelers Love Deals

Everybody loves deals… we all check out the coupon section and follow websites, like this one, looking for opportunities to discover new things while saving some cash. Travelers are no different.

For your park the trick is to use deals to your advantage.

What is the best way to reach RVers and campers without giving away your inventory?

The problem with other advertising for your park is that everything costs money and none of it offers guarantees.

You are too smart to waste your money and time on things that don’t work. We reach 50,000 campers (RVers and tenters) and they all want one thing… to find parks like yours. There are over 15,000 parks in the US for these people to stay at; what makes you different?

Deals bring guests in the door. No matter where your park is located we have campers looking in your area. By using deals we get these guests to commit to you now.

Free Advertising

You want guests that come back again and again. Get this repeat business by bringing them in the door today on a one time deal. The deal needs to be juicy enough to get them to buy now; what would catch your attention?

  • 50% off a two night stay?
  • Buy 2 Nights Get the 3rd Night Free?
  • Stay a Week and Get Free Passes to the Nearby Amusement Park?
  • 40% off the daily rate?
  • Does Walmart Have a Hot Tub? We do and your overnight stay is only $15!

Being creative with your deals makes them fun for you and potential guests. You are required to offer a minimum of 20 units of the deal. This ensures there is enough availability for our campers to get the deal they want. You can always offer more and create other deal packages.

When do you have empty sites to fill and how long do you want people to stay?

How it Works is one of the fastest growing camping directories online today. What makes us so unique is our amazing library of videos of parks just like yours. We have over 2,000 parks on film plus another 9,000 photos and thousands of reviews… this allows people to discover new places to visit.

We advertise your deal to our audience at a moment in time when they are very receptive to finding a new place to stay. These are RVers and campers looking to go RVing and camping… it does not get more targeted than that!

Your deal will bring a large number of visitors to your page… spotlighting your campground!

  1. If they like what they see they will buy the deal right then and there.
  2. They pay us the full price of the deal plus a small service fee.
  3. We hold the payment based upon our payment schedule (to avoid charge-backs and cover returns).
  4. We pay you the full amount minus the payment processing fee of 5%.
  5. You get the money now… the guest books for later.

It is a win-win for everyone involved.

Get Started Now

Start with the minimum of 20 deals to get a taste of what we can offer. If they don’t sell you don’t lose anything. Use the following deal submission form to get started. We will call you to finalize and perfect your deal before launching it live. If you have detailed questions check out our FAQ section by clicking here OR Want to share this information with the boss? Click here to download the information packet

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