Discover an amazing RV destination along the California Coast at Pismo Beach. visits Holiday RV Park and brings you along for the adventure.

Hello and welcome to Holiday RV Park in
Pismo Beach California
we’re here to show you what’s so great
about this destination to bring your RV
and your family
in fact in making this video we hesitate
a little bit because Pismo we feel is our
secret little spot but we thought we
should share it with you because if it’s
our spot
it should be yours too. Pismo Beach is
true classic California
what do you think of when you think of California? White sand beaches, blue
water, blue sky, and wonderful sun
Pismo Beach offers that nearly 365 days
a year with one of the more perfect
climates in all the world Pismo enjoys
the perfect location to draw you in
whether it’s playing in the sand playing
in the water
there’s always things to do in this area
for visitors like you and I come out
play in the sand, play in the surf and enjoy
Pismo Beach
fun on the sand is not enough Pismo is
also home to a great little downtown
everything is within walking distance
there’s a ton of nice little souvenir
shops candy stores ice cream places and
great restaurants all around
plus there’s a wonderful night life and
a classic bowling alley
everything is cooled by a constant sea
breeze keeping it nice and comfortable day
and night with that nice sea breeze we
decided to stop by and purchase
ourselves a cool dinosaur kite that
breeze makes flying a kite
a children’s game. launch it up let
it soar hundreds of feet above your head
Pismo Beach is fun for the whole family
we hope you come out and enjoy it but
hope isn’t always the answer
we’re now going to give you specific
reasons and our reason number one is the
Butterfly Grove every winter around
December January February you come to
this Grove and be amazed
thousands of Monarch butterflies nest
here every winter they fly around the
trees and hang out on the branches and
we’re talking thousands of them
in addition when you’re visiting the
you can also take a short little hike
through the marshlands and over the
dunes to a very scenic overlook spot
looking back down on the ocean the
natural and man-made landscapes of Pismo
are what draw visitors here by the
millions every year while it’s a local
hot spot
most folks outside the area aren’t aware
of it we’re putting it on your radar for
your next camping and RVing trip
during our hike we were lucky enough to
spot a humpback whale 200 yards offshore
kicking its tail around. Spoke to some
locals and apparently this is a daily
occurrence during season
so as you know if you follow along with
these videos in the past we like to
find unique little things for you to do
our tip for here Bob Jones bike way down
to Avila Beach
we love cycling it allows you to
experience an area and get closer with
all while exercising and burning off
some steam the bob jones bikeway is the
perfect way to do that if you’re not in
super great shape you can drive over
park in the little parking area across
the street and ride the two mile path
down to avila beach
if you’re looking for a little more
adventurous ride hop on your bike at the
campground ride up to the bike path
down to the beach and back. Makes for a
nice 14 mile loop
the bike path itself has tons of scenic
opportunities and a lot of wildlife
hanging out along the trail the path
then crosses through the municipal golf
course and out to the beach
avila beach is a beautiful location
protected on both sides by rocky
shoreline and presenting you with a very
scenic beach
now we’ve walked ridden now lets hop in the car and cruise PCH
what’s great about pismo is your access
to the hearst castle region morro bay
and Cambria it’s fun
let’s go check it out. Leaving the park
in pismo you are immediately on
CA1 just start heading north
20 miles away as you leave San Luis
Obispo you’ll pass through Morro Bay on
your way to Cambria this section of
highway offers majestic views looking
back at morro bay rock and the ocean
below as you hit Cambria take a slight
detour off to the right and drive down
and through this old town
there’s a number of antique shops in
here and great little restaurants to
stop and peruse leaving Cambria you
continue north back along the coast
there’s a number of pull outs and
parking areas that offers
very pretty views of the California
coastline as you head a little further
north you eventually come to hearst
castle Hearst castle is a great stop over
or just the photos opportunity from the
keep your eye out at the Cowherd’s
because you might see zebras
these are left over from Hearst’s days when he had wild exotic animals
leaving hearst castle we head a little
further north and you get to the
elephant seal viewing area
these giant creatures are here
depending on the season they may be sleeping, mating, belching, barking
growling… whatever it’s just fun to check
them out
if only life was this easy to lay on the
sand and wrestle with your buddies
walking on the boardwalk and continue
checking out the elephant seals and then
hop back in the car and find a nice spot
to enjoy the amazing sunset off the
California coast It’s not raining and
it’s sunny out and you’re here
you must stay for the sunset it is
always spectacular
no matter what. Back in pismo beach you
have a choice
you can park in town park at the RV park
or take it out on the sand
what we mean by that is Oceano Dunes
State Vehicular Recreation Area for a
small fee you can drive right out on to the sand
Check the tide charts because
you only want to head out during low
unless you have some monster vehicle
that can go through anything during low
you got a wide sandy beach that packs down air down your tires drive right out
enjoy the water or go down further and
ride some ATVs on the dunes. Recently InandOut
burger was named the best burger in
the US located right here in
California but what you might not have
heard about is doc Bernstein’s Ice
Cream and as an ice cream connoisseur myself I can argue that thiers is some of the
best ice cream in the world
they have a Creamery right here just
outside pismo beach in arroyo grande and
we went and checked it out. Only five miles from camp
the town itself is home to a number of
old style buildings
antique stores and of course DR Burnsteins. What’s great about Dr Burnsteins is
it is a classic creamery
they make their ice cream right here on
site and the inside of the store has an
old-time feel they even have a train set
on the roof for kids to enjoy. The ice cream they
make is very unique and incredibly tasty
if you’re not sure take a free sample and
test it out
pick your size and order yours
the banana split please
the great thing about Dr Burnsteins is they don’t skimp on the ice cream
they give it to you perfect and allow you to enjoy in the air conditioned space
fully sugared up it was time for us to
burn off those calories so we headed up
to San Luis Obispo every Thursday night
the main street in san luis obispo shuts
down for the famous farmers market and
this is no little farmers market
this is a huge ordeal blocks and blocks
of food a real life
farmers products there are street
performers fun for the kids and overall
enjoyable experience
thousands of people come down every
thursday to shop dine and enjoy the
community spirit
bring the family bring the grocery bags
bring your wallet and head down
to the farmers market.
Pismo Beach is Classic California it’s a
great destination for the whole family
and a fun place for you to go RV
I am Mark Koep with I
hope you have found a new destination to
add to your calendar look up Holiday RV
Park and let them know we sent you
thank you and goodbye