Campgrounds and RV Parks in Yosemite National Park

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yosemite-valley-campgrounds-rvparksYosemite National Park offers tent and RV campers with some of the more scenic and awe inspiring campgrounds and RV parks within the National Park system. Accessible from 4 directions Yosemite is very popular with tourists from California and around the world. The glacier carved valleys, wooded hillsides, and hidden waterfalls beckon both seasoned travelers and “city slickers” alike.

Campgrounds and RV Parks East Entrance to Yosemite

When looking for a campground in Yosemite National Park it is important to note that what you want to see and how you will get there can be as important as where you will end up camping. The least accessible but most dramatic entrance is from the East side of Yellowstone up over Tioga Pass from Lee Vining California. Climbing several thousand feet in a few miles this steep and jagged entrance is best suited to personal vehicles and small RVs and trailers. Highway 120 winds past Toulomne Meadows, high altitude lakes and majestic overlooks on its snaking course down to the Yosemite Valley floor. There are multiple camping options along the eastern route including private full hookup RV parks near Lee Vining (Click Here to See them) and National Park service tent and small RV campgrounds in the high altitudes. The only limiting factor to exploring the eastern side of Yosemite is weather and season with 120 being closed after the first major snowstorm and not reopening until crews can clear the highway in spring.

Camping Options Southwest Entrance to Yosemite

Ca 41 from Oakhurst provides access into Yosemite Valley through Wawona and along the ridge overlooking the back side of Half Dome. Open year round this route is the most direct for travelers from Southern California and offers both private full hookup RV parks, US forest service campgrounds, and Yosemite National Park camping options. The further into the park you travel the more difficult it becomes to maneuver large RVs and fifth wheel trailers. Click here to find campgrounds and RV Parks along the southwest Entrance route into Yosemite.

Campgrounds and RV Parks Western Route into Yosemite

From Mariposa CA 140 provides the smoothest and most accessible grade into the Valley for larger RVs and trailers. The route after climbing and descending out of Mariposa follows the Merced River into the Valley. Along the route there are both private full hookup RV parks, forest service campgrounds, and finally National Park campgrounds within Yosemite Valley. Click here to discover more camping options along the Mariposa corridor into Yosemite.

Accessing Yosemite from the Northwest

yosemite-valley-campgrounds-rvparks-half-domeFor travelers from Northern California including San Francisco and the Bay area Highway 120 through Groveland is the primary route of choice for entering Yosemite Valley, Climbing from the central valley this route passes the entrance to the Hetch Hetchy area of Yosemite and numerous public and private campgrounds and RV Parks. open year round this route also takes travelers near the gold rush towns that helped establish California in the 1800’s. Click here to discover campgrounds and RV parks along the western part of Hwy 120.

Yosemite National Park offers numerous tent camping and RV camping options that can fit most anyone’s outdoor desires. With a bit of planning and forethought the park and surrounding areas offer excellent camping options with both private RV parks and campgrounds.

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