Search for campground reviews and rv park reviews using the search bar at the top is a human edited directory of campgrounds and RV parks. We have manually researched every park and written a brief but detailed description of the campground. This editorial campground review is an aggregate of multiple sources and/ or personal experiences to best describe a park. In addition to the written editorial campground reviews we have also received and posted over 1,000 videos of parks submitted by campers like you. The videos are edited to be short and sweet in order to provide you with a clear picture of what a place looks like from the vantage point of a fellow camper. The videos allow you to better judge the campground based upon your needs.

At we share the passion for adventure and discovery but agree that the adventure and discovery should generally stop at the entrance to a RV Park or Campground. All too often campgrounds will only show the pretty picture and highlight the “testimonials” of friends to sell themselves on their websites. By taking the time to share your campground reviews and RV Park pictures you can help fellow travelers make better decisions on where they will spend their time.

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To get started simply Join or Login and use the search bar at the top of the page to find the campground. You will see a section called “Add Your Review”. Campground reviews are best when they describe your experience with the staff and area. If you find yourself describing a location and the camping sites then consider submitting pictures or a review. Just because you don’t like a gravel pad does not mean that others will agree. Include in your campground reviews other amenities that may be important; was cell service good? Did Wifi work at your site? What price did you pay? Was the staff friendly? Are there any tips you can share to help others out; for example do the trees drop sap?

Looking for Campground Reviews Online

In developing and managing we have literally read hundreds of thousands of campground reviews. What we have found is that the vast majority provide very little quality information to help you make a decision. You often find yourself not only reading the review but also trying to interpret the motives of the author, their past review history (or lack thereof), and then balancing all this information against the other reviews. Rather than planning a trip you find yourself studying human nature and motivations. We suggest cutting the junk campground reviews and seeing a park for yourself. If we don’t have a video or picture then we do have an editorial campground review description

Real World Campground Reviews

An example of the review bias can be found quickly on for Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort. A member in May 2014 wrote a 4 out 10 star review for the following reason: “It was quite a project to maneuver our 38′ 5th wheel in and it just about touched the back fence…” (link to review).

Now compare their experience to the video of the park found here (link):

Which one gives you a fair idea of what you are getting into? is the new and modern way to share your campground reviews because we provide the tools to not only leave your commments but also to share your experience with videos and pictures. Get started with the fastest growing campground community online and share your adventure.

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