RVers all have an opinion about pets at campgrounds.

In a recent survey sent to over 12,000 RV owners, www.campgroundviews.com found that the thing campers get the most annoyed about is dogs.

When asked what park rule they found most annoying, the most frequent response had to do with how the parks handle pets: a slight majority of the pet-related answers felt that dogs were too restricted: whether it is a limit on the number of pets, the breed or size, where the pets can roam (and where they can’t), whether they can be left alone in the RV and interestingly….one respondent reported that they were required to pay $45 for a DNA test for their pup so they could check it against unscooped poop.

One person was annoyed to pay a fee for a cat that stayed entirely inside their RV.

On the other side of the doggie fence, many respondents were annoyed by pet policies at parks: barking dogs, owners who don’t scoop the poop or people who have too many animals and can’t control them.

The other hot-button issue brought up by the camping community was guest fees — they resented having to pay extra for children, for visitors, for an additional car.

Most of the other responses to the open-ended question were what you might expect: some people resented early curfews, others wish they were enforced more strictly. Some people wanted camp fires, others wanted to ban them. People want to be able to hang their wet towels and swimsuits on a line and that is prohibited in many places.

Other interesting topics that surfaced:

— Several responses said that sites were too close together.
— They wished they could choose a site when booking.
— A few people said they resented the restrictions on the age of their vehicle.



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