Breaking the Mold: The 2024 RVS1 RV Suite by Forest River’s ibex Brand


The 2024 RVS1, part of Forest River’s ibex brand, is making waves in the RV world with its unique design and stunning interior. This RV suite offers a different approach to RV living, catering to those who prefer a park model setup or a seasonal site.

Exterior and Design:

The standout feature of the 2024 RVS1 is its distinctive appearance. It’s characterized by a boxy and square shape, which gives it a houseboat-like livability. The unit also features an exterior deck on the back, providing extra space for outdoor enjoyment.

Interior Design:

Inside, the 2024 RVS1 truly shines. The interior design is described as stylish and classy, reminiscent of what you might see from an RV influencer’s remodel. This unique and appealing design is a significant departure from the traditional RV interiors.

Layout and Features:

This RV suite is well-equipped with all the features you’d expect from a modern RV. It offers a well-thought-out layout and ample interior storage, making it ideal for those looking for a park model setup. While specific pricing, floor plans, and measurements aren’t available yet, it’s worth noting that the unit received the RV Business RV of the Year award, highlighting its exceptional quality and design.


The 2024 RVS1 from Forest River’s ibex brand is creating a buzz in the RV community for its innovative design and stylish interior. While further details are pending, it’s clear that this unit offers a unique and exciting option for those seeking an RV suite that breaks away from the traditional mold. Whether you’re a full-time RVer, a seasonal traveler, or someone looking for a stylish and functional getaway, the 2024 RVS1 is one to keep an eye on.

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