According to a recent Harvard study 15-30% of all online reviews are fake. They are written by the companies, their competitors, or their ex-employees and all combine to make your life difficult when planning your next camping trip. You work hard to enjoy this time traveling and it is unfair that you should be required to perform as much detailed research as you do just to find a place that is right for you and your family. is the Best place to find RV parks and campgrounds. Founded by RVers like you who finally said “Enough already!” You see each and every one of us is walking around with the solution to the problem in our pockets. That fancy iPhone has a video camera on it… well it is time to put it to good use. Next time you go camping take a walk around the campground and film the sites, amenities, the campground sign, and send us that footage. We will edit out private information (faces and license plates) and post that video out for free to share with thousands of other campers.

We have over 2000 parks on film already! That is nearly 10% of all places you can legally camp. Destinations like Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons, the Blackhills, Moab UT, the Redwoods, Williams and the Grand Canyon, and many others. The videos are combined with photographs and reviews (we manually verify each one) to provide you with the information you need to decide where to camp next.

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