Best Place to Camp Near Me

We are going through another monumental shift in the way technology impacts our daily lives. With the introduction of Siri and Courtana Microsoft, Google and Apple are shifting the paradigm in how people access and find information.

One of the biggest trends is the “near me” clause being used in search terms. Instead of people searching for something “in a CITY” Our mobile devices have GPS trackers and positioning systems that allow a search engine or app to pinpoint plot our location on a map. Based upon this location programming will then show a list of whatever is near you…. like magic you can now ask what is the best place to camp near me. What everyone seems to ignore is that the information returned is only as good as the underlying database of information.

In addition the new “near me” trend is also overlapping with a trend where campers actively want someone to tell them what to do or where to go on their next camping trip. Facebook, for example, makes it very easy to poll your friends. But what happens when your friends are wrong, misguided or uninterested? This is a paradigm where technology and information start to diverge. Walled gardens controlled by monopolies lock users into an easy to use system that is built on false premises.

Finding the best campsite for you relies upon having a decision set, read more on this topic here,  and finding parks that match your ideal locations. The ease of asking for “near me” or polling your friends is replaced with actually arming yourself with the information you need to find the best place to camp near me. Instead of the place your friends have visited 3 years ago with little research or knowledge you can actually take control of your travels and discover the right place for you. Armed with better tools and an easy interface to analyze your decisions at you can find the right campground near you.

At we are all about the data and spend significant time and resources verifying our information and descriptions are accurate. This work CAN NOT be duplicated by Google Maps or TripAdvisor; no matter the destination our data is simply better and easier to access. If you are looking for the best place to camp near me then look no further than right here at

What is the best place to camp near where you are now?

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