Free Campground Virtual Tours for your Property

Courtesy of the Arizona Office of Tourism

This short video explains the technology

The Arizona Office of Tourism wants to:

  1. Promote you.
  2. Make you one of the first in the world with this latest tool.

Limited to 250 parks under the free program (less than 60 spots remain).

The following describes the benefits of this technology:

After years of research and development we have released the solution to your single biggest customer problem… information.

Campers want to see your park, see the sites and know what they are getting in to (why do you think they belong to all the different clubs).

Campers even visit you regularly “just to drive around” or call and ask tons of questions.

Our virtual tour technology was built on the same underlying tools that have generated:

  • 244% increases in online reservations (Natural Springs Resort)
  • 40% drops in call volume (Natural Springs Resort)
  • 2x the average length of stay (Bakersfield River Run RV Park)

Try It for Yourself

The following is the full campground virtual tour for Homestead RV Community in Alabama.

  1. Hit play at the bottom left
  2. Use your mouse to click and move the view

Campground Virtual Tours Are:

  • A turnkey solution to engage more campers
  • A method to reduce lookie-loos and reduce redundant inbound calls
  • Easily embedded within your website or reservation pages
  • A cost effective way to document your property

Campground Virtual Tours Are NOT:

  • Hard to implement (we do all the work)
  • A replacement to any of your existing tools (works with what you have)

How they work

Step 1: Our professional video team will visit and capture video of our campground.

Step 2: Our production team will edit the video and add “hotspots” corresponding with the sites.

Step 3: The campground virtual tour will be delivered for easy embedding in your website and booking engine.

Step 4: Potential campers will be empowered to get what they want… information.

The Holy Grail of Camping

Congratulations! You get it. You are well on your way to achieving what may be the Holy Grail of modern day campers. Yours is an effort so far unsurpassed by the many, many camp site finders I have looked at so I consider the format, data collection and updating methodology nothing short of genius.” LZ, Ohio

How Much Does it Cost?

Free opportunity for RV parks and campgrounds under 200 sites in the State of Arizona. A nominal additional fee is charged for larger parks. The following explains the normal pricing parameters

There are two primary costs to this service; an upfront filming fee and an ongoing hosting/ licensing fee. Both are very reasonable but are tailored to your specific park. As part of this opportunity your filming fee is covered (parks under 200 sites) and the hosting is covered for 1 year.

Filming begins in April in Arizona so get scheduled now. You literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain from this opportunity.

Schedule a call to discuss your park and see if this is a fit for you:

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