At we spend our days filming and editing film of campgrounds and RV parks from across the United States. With over 2,000 parks on film we boast the largest library of videos of parks in the world. We, like you, also travel in our RV to many of these great places and have the opportunity to experience and discover first hand what many of these parks offer.

If you were to ask the average camper what is prettier a public campground (forest service, national park, etc) or a private RV park 10 out 10 people would respond that the public campground will always be more beautiful. This is a bit unfair of a question due to the economics of running a park, the price of land available, and what the average guest demands of the location… all tend to favor an advantage to the public park. In this video we show you a private RV park that we stumbled across in Upstate New York, Sodus Point specifically, and show you why we believe it has 12 of the most beautiful RV sites in all of America and therefore easily qualifies as one of the most beautiful RV parks in the US.

Transcript from the video:
Hello I am Mark Koep with We are here at what we believe to be the most beautiful RV park in all of North America. South Shore RV Park in Sodus Point New York sites on the shores of Lake Ontario. There are about 12 RV sites that back up to this view overlooking the lake. So we challenge you with your videos, Instagram and Twitter,
to show us a private RV park prettier than this.

Now before you ask, No we were not paid for this video, we did this on our own because we truly do believe that this park represents the best of private RV parks in North America. Stunning views from these backin and pullin RV sites of Lake Ontario. These million dollar views can be had for just over $40 per night and the folks that come here… know about it and often spend their entire days sitting out enjoying the view.

As an RVer destination Sodus Point is probably not even on your radar… it wasn’t on ours we stumbled upon it and fell in love with the area. There is abundant farming around the region and local farm stands selling fresh fruit always available and fun little playgrounds and play areas throughout the area and surrounding communities.
In the town there is 2 lighthouses, a historic one and a working one, along with docks, beaches, play areas, grass areas, and a fun little downtown. We challenge you to find a RV park prettier than we did here in Sodus Point.

This is Mark Koep at showing you what we believe to be the most beautiful RV park in North America.

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